Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sari and the guinea pigs

Sari borrowed the kindergarten FlipCam for the weekend (some weeks ago). That weekend, Sari was looking after Andy's guinea pigs. Sari LOVES them as you will see in the movie. Sari did an awesome job sharing her knowledge of guinea pigs, and using the FlipCam to record her experiences.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Volcanoes with Kevin

Its great to have parents getting involved and playing at Kindergarten. Our children learn so much from new interests and new ways of doing things, that we really encourage our whanau to take part. Dare I say, the children loved having a Man around today. Kevin brought a new energy to the sandpit and the children pushed themselves to build the biggest volcano. And when the building was complete - it was time to blow it up - with a stack of baking soda, red dye, and vinegar!!

Our Garden in the making...

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day at the Salon

We had special visitors at Kindergarten who brought elegance, grace and heaps of fun to the programme. Kesia and Kristian opened a salon at Kindergarten. We wrote our own names down on the appointment list. We could choose to have our hair remodeled, nails painted, hair sprayed, faces painted - the list went on. What amazingly wonderful creations we became as the day at the salon spread throughout the kindergarten. There were many chances to discuss with our peers our ideas and share new looks. Thank you Kesia and Kristian. You helped us take up the challenge to try something different, to be creative, and to trust that others would respect our ideas. Check it out...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chocolate - melting moments

Yesterday Sari brought a chocolate in her lunch box. Sari and her Mum had made their own chocolates at home. We made a plan for Sari to teach us how to make chocolates at Kindergarten and today she brought in her chocolate molds. We bought some chocolate buttons. Sari suggested we melt the chocolate in a bowl above boiling water. We filled the electric frying pan with boiling water and rested a bowl in the water. We could not let the water touch the chocolate. When we did do this - the chocolate seized, went hard and couldn't be melted again. The chocolate had to melt slowly. We had brown milk chocolate and white chocolate. it was a slow process that helped you learn patience as you waited for your turn.You had to work carefully to scoop the melted chocolate into the mold. Sometimes you needed to use another spoon to scoop the chocolate off the first spoon. This tested your co-ordination and was tricky. We had molds in the shape of animals, in the shape of bears and in hexigons with flowers. By the time we had finished we had plenty of chocolate for everyone.
It was great to watch the chocolate melt. We had to use the brown chocolate fast because as it cooled it became hard and had to be re-melted. After all the molds were full we put them into the fridge to set. This took about 15-20miniutes. What yummy chocolates they were. They are a great treat to have sometimes and we were especially lucky to have Sari and her Mum, Sarah, help us make so many chocolates to share.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chloe's Horse Movie

Chloe has been very excited about looking at a horse, Jack, to buy... Here is her story which she really wanted to put on the blog...
We were riding Jack, we went to go and see him at the Pony Club. We went to see if we wanted to buy him. We are going to buy and we're going to teach him to not jump high. I mustn't canter yet because I'm not used to him. I can go over little jumps and do walking and trotting with him. Mummy showed him the treats and he thought he was getting food and Mummy gave him all of it, the treats were apples and carrots.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Massive Mount Manaia Volcano

Yet another busy day of working at Kindergarten. A group of children wanted to make the BIGGEST volcano ever at Kindergarten and today I think they succeeded. As they worked other children came to lend a hand and very soon it was a big team sharing ideas and skills as they constructed the volcano.... Check out the photos

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off to the Theatre

Today was a very special day - our trip to Forum North for the "Seasons" production by Capital E National Theatre for Children and then lunch at the Town Basin Playground. The trip in with Toni on the bus is always a highlight! The show was amazing - we learnt all about spring, summer, autumn and winter through the use of story, song and puppets. There was lots of laughter and interactions with the actors. It was a perfect sunny day for visiting the Town Basin Playground and we all enjoyed exploring the equipment, climbing high on the huge spider's webs and showing our friends our skills... What a great day - thanks heaps to the parents who joined us on this trip and had just as much fun as us!

Then to the playground...

Flynn's Butterfly

A few weeks ago, Flynn wanted to know if we would like one of his chrysalises for the Kindergarten. We thought that was a great idea - but it was quite late in the season. Flynn was not perturbed. He brought in his chrysalis and it sat on the kitchen bench for one week, then another week, then another.... One day we noticed it had changed slightly. A few days later we noticed it getting darker in colour. That was a good sign - but still it was taking a long time and the weather was getting very cold. It was last Friday, when we arrived at Kindergarten that we noticed there was no longer a bulging chrysalis on the stalk that Flynn brought in - but sitting beside the empty shell - was a beautiful Butterfly.

When Flynn had his photo taken with his butterfly he asked if it could go on the blog so his sisters could see. Hope you enjoy showing your family Flynn - your butterfly was very tough to brave the cold and come out of his chrysalis!