Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jam Tarts at Kindergarten

Olivia and her Mum brought yummy jam tarts into kindergarten for the teachers. They were so good Olivia wanted to make them for everyone at Kindergarten. So Claire and Olivia came to Kindergarten with the ingredients and we all helped make Jam Tarts to eat together. It was yummy pastry that we used to cut the bases out for the tarts. Then a scoop of jam to drop into the middle. Claire put them into the oven and beautiful smells filled the Kindergarten. Wow were we ready to enjoy the tarts when they were cooked. We sat around the tables together to share. Thank you Claire and Olivia for sharing this tasty recipe with us and helping us make to them today.

Check out the simiple process and the delicious tarts in the movie.

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The Prossers said...

Yummy Jam Tarts. They look delicious. Niall did you get the recipe off Olivia's mum so we can make them at home too.

What a great opportunity you get to practice your baking skills at kindergarten. I can see from your baking at home that you have been practicing lots at kindergarten.

Won't be long before you will be baking the biscuits and cakes all by yourself.

Love Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara.