Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flynn's Tower

Sarah and Andrew - Flynn wanted to put this picture on the blog for you to see. More pictures to come.

I want to say "this is a tower and Julia makteded too. Some of We made it with the bulding things. All of the white ones were diamonds and all of the others were the same (Flynn goes to check) - they were all squares. There was white - the diamonds - and there was blue and red and green. I think there are more colours - I will just go and look.... AND Lellow!! Y- Yellow."

"I'm drawing the water. But its not the drinking water. And now I'm going to put in a jet ski. That long bit is the motor".


Anonymous said...

Fishing boy Flynn, We think your tower is fantastic and i cant believe how clever you are with all your shapes. I am also looking forward to seeing many more of your beautiful pictures. Love Mummy

Anonymous said...

Flynn what an awesome tower you made with Julia. I enjoy watching you both playing & learning together at Kindy - you are very lucky to have such a special friendship.


Manaia Kindergarten said...

From the Cybersafety workshop - I am showing teachers your great work and your use of the blog, Flynn. They think your tower is great - it looks like the sky tower which we see from our window. Hope you have had a great day. Missing you all. See you next week. Beverly