Friday, May 8, 2009

Flynn shares his interest in fishing

"I go fishing with my daddy and my poppa. I catch lots of fish... john dory, snapper -actually we have caught hundreds of snapper. " - Flynn
Julia - When I went fishing with my Dad we caught everything in the sea.
"Daddy did just caught a shark and him throwed it back to sea... actually the shark got away. I like fishing because I like eating fish. I put them in oven - we can even cook them on the boat and we have all the sleeping stuff on the boat. We have a book about fish at home and actually my Dad can sing it." - Flynn

"Can we put it on the blog then it will go all the way over to my house?!" - Flynn
The first thing that Flynn told his mum when she arrived at Kindergarten was "we put my picture on the blog!"


Ms F said...

Wow! Fantastic writing. It looks really great in a photo. I am going to get the children in my class to come and read your work and leave you a comment too. We are a Year 0/1 class who are just starting blogging and it's great to find some writing we will be able to read ourselves. Keep it up!

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Hi Ms F - Flynn loves drawing and he knows his sharks and other fish that live in our harbour. He had a great morning drawing sharks with his Mum who labeled the fish with all the names of fish Flynn knew. He also loves tell us his stories for us to type on the blog. We hope you will enjoy celebrating more of his stories with us in the future. Great to hear about your blog - we will share it with the children. Beverly