Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exploring Electrical Circuits

How exciting, two new electricity kits have arrived to boost up our orginal set. We have had heaps of fun exploring and experimenting with these kits over the past few days. We are learning how to connect the electrical circuit to make the light bulb and the motor go. We are learning that you need to have the bulb or the motor plugged into the battery to make them go and what wires we need to hook up. We are exploring using switches and wiring these into our circuits to enable us to switch the light bulbs and motors on and off. We are working individually and with friends as we explore this new equipment. We are asking lots of questions about electricity and doing lots of thinking.... our learning continues.... if you have any knowledge about electricity that you can share with us, come in and join us, we love to learn together.

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Linda said...

I was interested to read your posting about exploring electricity with your new circuits. My Dad was an electrician and had an interest in generating his own electricity to make power for people who live a long way from the power lines. He experimented with wind-mills, water wheels and solar power. I wonder if any of the children at Manaia Kindergarten also generate their own power at home?