Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manaia Artists at Work

We are gearing up to our MAJOR FUNDRAISER of the year! On Queen's Birthday Monday our 'Great Manaia Mid Winter Arts and Craft Show! will be happening at the Parua Bay Community Centre. We have had an amazing group of dedicated and hard working parents who have made this event happen! Come along, bring friends and family, and enjoy the day - check out local artists and their work, enjoy a coffee and lunch at the cafe, a sausage from the bbq, have your face painted and a pony ride! Our Manaia children have been working on their own art work for display on the day - check it out below!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Trip to Whangarei Fire Station and Stumpy's

WOW What an amazing day! HUGE THANKS to those parents who came along with us, Whangarei Firefighters - Scott, Mark, Karl and Jeremy and to Brad and Dagny at Stumpy's Takeaways for the incredible Fish and Chips. What a great way to finish off on a cold wintery day - fish and chips! We all highly recommend Stumpy's! Here is just a few photos (we took over 400) of the day. We will put more together into a movie format for the blog. Please click on each page to see it BIG!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jam Tarts at Kindergarten

Olivia and her Mum brought yummy jam tarts into kindergarten for the teachers. They were so good Olivia wanted to make them for everyone at Kindergarten. So Claire and Olivia came to Kindergarten with the ingredients and we all helped make Jam Tarts to eat together. It was yummy pastry that we used to cut the bases out for the tarts. Then a scoop of jam to drop into the middle. Claire put them into the oven and beautiful smells filled the Kindergarten. Wow were we ready to enjoy the tarts when they were cooked. We sat around the tables together to share. Thank you Claire and Olivia for sharing this tasty recipe with us and helping us make to them today.

Check out the simiple process and the delicious tarts in the movie.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exploring Electrical Circuits

How exciting, two new electricity kits have arrived to boost up our orginal set. We have had heaps of fun exploring and experimenting with these kits over the past few days. We are learning how to connect the electrical circuit to make the light bulb and the motor go. We are learning that you need to have the bulb or the motor plugged into the battery to make them go and what wires we need to hook up. We are exploring using switches and wiring these into our circuits to enable us to switch the light bulbs and motors on and off. We are working individually and with friends as we explore this new equipment. We are asking lots of questions about electricity and doing lots of thinking.... our learning continues.... if you have any knowledge about electricity that you can share with us, come in and join us, we love to learn together.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wacky Hair Day

It all began when Beverly visited Parua Bay School and they were having a "Wacky Hair Day", Beverly took lots of photo's of all the wild and wacky hair she saw, when we shared these with the children, they decided that they would like to try a "Wacky Hair Day" at Kindergarten.
We decided to hold our "Wacky Hair Day" on Thursday 14th May. It was a fabulous day with lots of wild hair on display! Wacky Hair Day is all about having fun, coping with change and finding the humour. There were many oohs and aahs as we looked at everyones hair. A big thankyou to our parents for supporting this day so fully. Check out our slide show .......

Horse continue at Manaia Kindergarten

Horses continue to be a favourite at Manaia Kindergarten. Sari has her plans (you can view her intial thoughts on Sari Talks about Horses post). Chloe, Emily, Julia, Flynn, and Holly have been helping make our new horse harnesses. Jessi is bringing her pony to our fundraising Mid Winter Art and Craft show. Sari took photos of her neighbours horses and tells us all about them in her movie.

One new horse harness on trial at Manaia Kindergarten - planned with teachers, prototypes have been trialed, many have had a go at sewing... the creations continue.

Photos to come...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flynn's Tower

Sarah and Andrew - Flynn wanted to put this picture on the blog for you to see. More pictures to come.

I want to say "this is a tower and Julia makteded too. Some of We made it with the bulding things. All of the white ones were diamonds and all of the others were the same (Flynn goes to check) - they were all squares. There was white - the diamonds - and there was blue and red and green. I think there are more colours - I will just go and look.... AND Lellow!! Y- Yellow."

"I'm drawing the water. But its not the drinking water. And now I'm going to put in a jet ski. That long bit is the motor".

Friday, May 8, 2009

Flynn shares his interest in fishing

"I go fishing with my daddy and my poppa. I catch lots of fish... john dory, snapper -actually we have caught hundreds of snapper. " - Flynn
Julia - When I went fishing with my Dad we caught everything in the sea.
"Daddy did just caught a shark and him throwed it back to sea... actually the shark got away. I like fishing because I like eating fish. I put them in oven - we can even cook them on the boat and we have all the sleeping stuff on the boat. We have a book about fish at home and actually my Dad can sing it." - Flynn

"Can we put it on the blog then it will go all the way over to my house?!" - Flynn
The first thing that Flynn told his mum when she arrived at Kindergarten was "we put my picture on the blog!"

Tania shares her Marathon Medal

We would all like to congratulate Tania on her amazing accomplishment - the Rotorua Marathon! This week Tania shared her experience and showed the children of Manaia her well earned medal.

Congratulations Tania - A job awesomely done!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sari talks about horses - do you have one?

What amazing ideas our children have at Manaia Kindergarten. Chloe, Jessie, Billie, Jodi, and Sari have been enjoying horses at Kindergarten. We have many plans about horses. Sari came up with some ideas today too... In the video below she shares her ideas.

Sari shares photos of her neighbours horses a few weeks later.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Brown Bear story

Yesterday at mat time Tania did the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" magnetic story. The children enjoyed learning the words and then coming up and choosing an animal off the board. Excellent turn taking skills were learnt and we also used te reo for the names and colours of the animals. Many new children were keen to take the animals home so Robyn suggested that we could make our own animals tomorrow. The next day the children set to work to create their own animals for the story. Click on the pages below to make the story larger so you can read what happened and see their pictures.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We wish Tania well on the Rotorua Marathon

Image - Tania in training for her first ever full marathon!

On Saturday the 2nd of May, Tania will be taking part in the 45 Anniversary Rotorua Marathon - that's 42.195 km!!

Tania - the teachers, children and families wish you well on this awesome goal. We will be cheering you all the way. All the best.

Check the results!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A message for Aunty Nicky from Flynn

"Beverly can you help me make a special picture for my Aunty Nicky?"

Aunty Nicky - Flynn was very keen to make you a special picture - we hope you received that today as he kept it safe in his locker for you. Here is some of his conversation whilst drawing.

"I'm actually making water. Aunty Nicky lives in England and she wants to live in New Zealand.
I can easily draw an aeroplane, - and Julia that bit goes up!
So see that's Aunty Nicky. We've been to England. We flied for 2 weeks. We slept and when Mummy was sleeping she let me watch T.V.
Aunty Nicky will love my picture.!"

Julia tells us about her Holiday in Fiji

Wow - Did Julia have a wonderful school holiday break. Back from another adventure, Julia tells us about her holiday in Fiji. She has become a Pro Movie Maker!