Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hot Cross Buns - Happy Easter

We had a special treat this week for our baking! Instead of scones we learnt about, and helped bake Hot Cross Buns. Beverly brought in her bread maker. We found a picture on the internet of Hot Cross Buns - so we knew how they should look at the end. We added water, salt, sugar, egg and most importantly YEAST to the bread maker. Half way through our baking - Geraldine Kindergarten Skyped us. We were able to share with Geraldine our baking experience. We shared our recipe, showed them the ingredients, and held the computer up to see it all being mixed together. It was to take an HOUR to mix and rise. The teachers and children of Geraldine wanted to see the finished product. When the hour of mixing was over there were eager helpers to roll the dough. This was the time to mix in the sultanas!! Yeah Right - our sultanas looked suspiciously like chocolate chips to me!! Unfortunately we ran out of time. However the next morning - we were at it again. More dough had been mixed and more helpers rolled out the dough. Then we created a flour and water mixture to create our crosses. Many of you had a go squeezing the bag and making lines of white dough to form the crosses at the tops of our Hot Cross Buns. The cooking of the buns filled the kindergarten with irresistable smells!! It was fantastic to share the warm hot cross buns as they came from the oven. We shared a mat time with Geralding Kindergarten who were able to view some of our hot cross buns. Geraldine - we highly recommend this backing experience - they were yummy!

Happy Holidays Everyone. See you again next term!


MIss Armstrong said...

Wow this looks like alot of fun! I bet your baking was delicious.I would love to try it with my Pre-Kindergaten class! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful bakers you are - your hot cross buns this morning were yummy. I haven't had hot cross buns with chocolate in them before - it was a bit like having your easter eggs with your easter buns!!
Thanks for sharing your baking with me.


Breakaway Retreat said...

Yummy! I did notice today that you were using chocolate chips in your hot cross buns instead of sultanas - good idea. I should have stayed today for morning tea time,

Niall did you save me some of your hot cross bun? I think we should try and make some of these too. Do you remember the receipe?

Lots of love

Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara

P.S.Josh, I love your hat, I hope someone took a picture of you wearing it for your portfolio. Glad to see you all go so much fun from those hats today.

Ms F said...

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Ms F

Hilly said...

This baking is making me hungry. Looks good. Cam what are you wearing on your head?
Hope you had a good easter. I went sailing and camping in the bush 0ver easter.
Talk to you soon.