Monday, April 6, 2009

Ari's Ideas for the Easter Bunny

There was a lot of talking about the Easter Bunny today and chocolate! Some children wondered if the Easter Bunny would come to Kindergarten.... Ari had a few ideas and I asked him if he would like me to write them down. Ari's best idea was to leave a list of names for the Easter Bunny so he set to work copying all of the children's names (and Teachers!) at Manaia Kindergarten. Ari showed amazing concentration skills and persistence as he worked. Check out his amazing skills in the movie of photos below.... I can't wait to see if the Easter Bunny reads his ideas and leaves Easter Eggs for the children and Teachers!


Leanne Ross said...

Wow Ari you must just about be ready to go to school with such awesome writing skills - well done.


vynka short said...

Hi everyone at Manaia Kindy, I saw the movie about Ari writing everyone's name down for the Easter bunny, and I was wondering if he could add my name to the list (and pick up any eggs that he leaves for me!)
What a great idea Ari... and what BEAUTIFUL writing too!
Lots of love
Aunty Vynka

Ann said...

Wow Ari- what a lot of hard work you did today.... I bet you did more writing than a school boy! We use name tags at our Kindergarten when we want to know how to write names too... fantastic work
Ann and the teachers and children of Pukerua Bay Kindergarten in Wellington.