Monday, March 2, 2009

Ruben's Story

Ruben here is your story that you asked me to post on the blog.

23rd February
Ruben you shared a great story with me today. I wrote your words down so that you could have this story. I think maybe you were recalling a book or tape. Your memory is very good at this! I loved your story so here it is:

"The tooth fairy was in the south swinging her legs. The children were playing in the garden when the woobly tooth fell out. His sister said "Don't lose it, we will put it in a glass of water". The boy put the tooth in his pocket and when he looked for it at lunchtime it had vanished.
That night when he was asleep he was tired and very dissapointed, his sister said
"When I had a lost tooth (She sounded quiet like the tooth fairy) she said it is so hard to wake up, but then I didn't so I didn't see a thing. The tooth fairy was swinging her legs on his window sill and then she said :"You must find the tooth it is so important. I promise to take you to cloud land if you and your sister find the tooth".
Ther next morning they looked in the garden and found the tooth. The tooth fairy kept her promise and waving her wand she made the children as small as the tooth fairy, she waved her wand again and then they flied up to cloud land with the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy said ;"Some stars are gold but your one is silver and that is lucky because they are special ones, old ones". They saw a boat and sailed away and the the boy said:"Please may I plant my own tooth?".
Then the tooth fairy asked them to go to breakfast with them. Then they went back home to their own room and then the sister came into the boy's room and said:"Did we realkly see the tooth fairy/". The boy said :"Yes we did!". They told their Mum and Dad about their adventure.

Ruben you then told me that this story was from a tape but it is true! The tooth fairy left Ruben some fairy dust.


Treehouse Dwellers said...

Wow Ruben - what an amazing story. We have always said at Kindergarten that you are a GREAT story teller - you have a fantastic imagination and memory and tell your stories clearly. It is wonderful that Dee has been able to record your stories to the blog for us to read and re-visit. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Bella said...

That is sooo lovely!!! An abridged version but very very good!! What a clever little boy!! Thanks to Dee for taking all that time to rewrite it!!! From Bella (Rubens Mummy!!)