Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pick a Bale of Cotton

We have been singing our song - Pick a Bale for Cotton for many months. A couple of weeks ago we posed the question - What is cotton ?

Here was the response...
Cam "Something you can break".
Jakob "Stuff you can make with."
Chloe "For babies to sleep in."

Then we asked - Where does Cotton come from?

Sari "Cotton on a reel. Wool in the fridge becomes cotton. There are no cotton trees in the whole world."
Jakob "Wool from a farmer".
Chloe "From a lamb".
Jayden "Cotton from a farmer, from cowboys."
Billie "Blankets are sometimes made out of feathers."
Jayden "Cut wool off a sheep. You can ask a farmer, you can get a steamer, shear a sheep and put it into a bag. Use a sharp machine to get the hair off a sheep."
Holly "I saw a sheep getting cut, on my holiday."
Jakob "Cotton comes from wool."
Maz "We have a cotton tree."
Ruben "Cotton is from trees actually."
Maz "It looks like leaves and thats when they start. They change from leaves and get lighter - looks like soft but not squishy. There is a lot of them on there, we picked them off there. They are like this (demonstrates a pod shape with his hands). You can't really see the seeds 'cause they are at the top of the tree. Dad knows where it is. It got old so we had to cut it but we got a new one now. Its got to get bigger and then it will get cotton."

Maz went home and took a photo of his cotton tree. He emailed the photo to Kindergarten. Here is his picture of his cotton tree.

We looked up Cotton Picking on the internet - and you can see what we found in the Kindergarten. Or type it into Google at your place!

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