Monday, March 30, 2009

Holly's Holiday to Hamilton and Auckland

Holly arrived at Kindergarten this morning with her photos of her holiday. I asked Holly what she wanted to do with her photos - "I want to put a movie on the blog and make something for my portfolio" Holly told me. We got busy using comic life (on the computer) and Holly chose the photos she wanted for her portfolio by dragging and dropping them into the boxes and then telling me the words to write. Using PhotoStory 3 to make the movie Holly used the same process of choosing her photos and telling me the words to write before choosing her music. Check out her movie below... We really enjoy children sharing their weekend stories and photos with us and it is great to have children having such ownership of our Kindergarten blog and knowing they want to publish their work on it. Great work Holly!


Amanda and Josh Askew said...

Holly you have made such a fantastic movie of all your adventures on our holiday. I think you were very brave going up in the hot air balloon. Aunty Gina and I wanted to go but they were only taking children!! Love Mummy

Leanne said...

What an awesome weekend you had Holly - I loved the ladybug balloon, which one was your favourite?


Treehouse Dwellers said...

What a magical weekend Holly. The balloons look like they come from a dream - misty and mysterious - what a wonderful opportunity to get to ride in one... I loved the tortoise balloon. The Wiggles looked extremely fun. How many of the songs did you know and sing along to? We know you love being a dog at Kindergarten - so it is very special that you now have your OWN Wags the dog costume - we think it looks great on you!