Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Fishing Experiences

Fishing continues to be a big hit! Mostly we are catching Killer Whales!!! Jayden dug a pit to cook the fish... We had fishing off the rocks, fishing off the wharf, and fishing off the jetty. We also heard great fishing stories. Here are a few with a fishing video that follows...

Ari - "We catch Kingfish. We put quite a lot of bait on. We put a special spray on and it catches bigger fish. When we can't catch a fish on a line, we have to go diving for one."

Maz - "We caught a big snapper. We were trying to get it into the boat but it pulled me into the water and Dad had to rescue me. When I got it in, I bashed the fish on the boat. When we went fishing we saw a great white (a shark, I think it was blue) and it ate Dad's fish thing - yeah the hook - it bit it right off into the water"

Seabren - "Look, it's a shark. I'm not scared of sharks. I would just say "Shoo, shoo..." Fishing? But it was too long waiting to get a fish. We saw a fish"

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