Friday, March 27, 2009

Exploring Skyping at Kindergarten

It's been awhile since we skyped at Kindergarten and there are lots of new children who have never experienced the world of skyping.... It all started with Jodi, Brooke and Jakob trying out new things on the computer - I asked them if they had ever skyped and they weren't so sure, we decided to give it a go... First we tried skyping Geraldine Kindergarten but no answer.... then Fiordland Kindergarten, again no answer... I thought hard and had an idea... We skyped Beverly! How strange, one computer outside with a group of children and one computer inside with a group of children, all talking to each other and wondering how it was happening! We had a lot of laughter as we explored skyping and gained an understanding of how it was happening - children rushed from one computer to the the other to see each other on the screens, we talked about how it was just like a telephone but we could see each other. After we had finished talking to each other we were really lucky to get a skype call from Fiordland Kindergarten. Claire, their Teacher, gave us a great tour of their Kindergarten, introducing us to children along the way. Have a look at the photos in the movie below to see all of the things we saw at Fiordland Kindergarten. It was great to establish new relationships with other children in a Kindergarten right at the very bottom of the South Island. We hope to skype them again and learn more about each other. We especially loved their sunflower paintings - I wonder if it will inspire any children at Manaia... THANKS FIORDLAND KINDERGARTEN!


Breakaway Retreat said...

Great to see you exploring skype again. A wonderfull way to stay in touch with family and friends.

Niall we haven't skyped Nana on our computer for a long time, we will have to skype her this weekend.

Love Mum, Dan Liam and Ceara.


Hi Manaia
We loved seeing your story about skyping us.
Have you seen our Blog? We have one too that tells you more about where we live as well as what is happening at Kindergarten.
talk to you agsin soon
The teachers and children at

Fiordland Kindergarten