Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carpentry Creativity

Please click on the picture to make it bigger. As you can see we have had some industrious carpenters at Manaia Kindergarten. We have a variety of pieces of wood available and a fantastic Dad who has spent time cutting body shapes for us! Last term we started on creating our wooden puppets/dolls/people and this has begun again over the past few days. We are practising our hammering skills and persistence! Some of us can start off our own nails and have the muscles to hammer all the way down, others need a little help getting started (Tania has sore arm muscles to prove it!) but persist at hammering the nails down. Some children choose to paint and or decorate their "puppet" but others were happy with the process of making it. I noticed Luka today carrying her wooden puppet around in her arms like a baby. Priceless! It is great to see children valuing their work and taking pride in what they have made. We endeavour to give the children opportunities to explore with different mediums and encourage their creativity and individuality in their work at Kindergarten. Look out for more carpentry work happening - the children always value support and if you are at Kindergarten the carpentry table is a great place to enjoy working and supporting the children.

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Amanda and Josh Askew said...

Wow these wooden people are so neat. You are all very clever creating such wonderful work. From Holly's Mum and Dad