Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horse riding at Manaia Kindergarten

Early this month, Jessi's Mum arrived at Manaia Kindergarten with Jessi's horse. Sometimes Jessi rides her horse home from Kindergarten and today, Timmy came IN TO Kindergarten to meet us. After coaxing him back outside, Jessi and Lotus told us all about Timmy, how Jessi keeps safe on her horse and what they need to do to look after Timmy. Since Timmy's visit we have had many horse rides at Kindergarten.There are horse races, horse riding, and horse jumps have been set up everywhere. Jessi and Chloe have been teaching us all (especially Beverly who loves the idea of riding horses) how to ride, to keep safe, to climb onto a horse and how to STOP a horse. They both have so much knowledge about horses. Here they are in action.


Anonymous said...

Grandma was smilling to see Jessi having such FUN

Anonymous said...

Excellent video!! Chloe has such a passion for horses. Good to see her and Jess having so much fun!