Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thanks Josh

What a surpise we got when we came back to Kindergarten on Monday. Josh (Holly's Dad) had been very busy over the weekend building us new steps at Kindergarten. We heard Holly was an amazing helper too! Thanks to Josh and Holly for working so hard at Kindergarten to make our water pump more accessible. We can now walk up the stairs and then challenge ourselves as we walk up the plank - pulling ourselves with the rope as we go. These new steps will be great as the autumn sets in and our bark becomes wetter - how lucky we will be to still be able to get to the pump! The team at Manaia Kindergarten really appreciate your effort!


Anonymous said...

Wow Holly you have a clever day, those steps are gorgeous...and what a good idea. Cant wait to test them on my next visit.
From Naketa in Auckland
Regional ICT Facilitator

Anonymous said...

What cool steps you have up to the water pump now! You have all been so busy since I left....still singing and swinging! And I see you've been baking at kindergarten too ....yummy! I miss you all but I am having fun at Riverside Kindergarten.
Love Wendy xxoo