Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bakers at Work

Check out our new cooking aprons and hats! We look like real bakers! THANKS HEAPS to Cory Capey and his Mum, Cherie, for donating these bakers outfits to Kindergarten. Cherie is a rep for Tupperware products and these outfits are a new feature in their children's range. What a great idea for getting children more involved in baking. They certainly worked well at Manaia Kindergarten today. Our scones definately tasted good today!

Holly, Jessica, Julia, Jakob and Isla

Ruben, Cory, Cam and Izaak

Ruben, Cory and Cam


Room 6 said...

Wow! You look amazing in your aprons and hats you look like proper bakers, we all loved the colour. We could have done with those when we made our gingerbread men. I bet your scones tasted so good. We look forward to you visiting us soon.
From Room 6

Amanda and Josh Askew said...

Wow you guys look fantastic in your cool new outfits. I love making pinwheel scones with cinamon and brown sugar in the middle. Yum! It is lots of fun rolling out the dough. Maybe you could try them next time.
Holly's Mum