Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michael Jackson visits Manaia

Goodness this is a late post. Apologies - the movie was created and awaiting uploading. Thanks to interested families inquiring after this post. Due to popular demand - Mike Jackson....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Holly's Holiday to Hamilton and Auckland

Holly arrived at Kindergarten this morning with her photos of her holiday. I asked Holly what she wanted to do with her photos - "I want to put a movie on the blog and make something for my portfolio" Holly told me. We got busy using comic life (on the computer) and Holly chose the photos she wanted for her portfolio by dragging and dropping them into the boxes and then telling me the words to write. Using PhotoStory 3 to make the movie Holly used the same process of choosing her photos and telling me the words to write before choosing her music. Check out her movie below... We really enjoy children sharing their weekend stories and photos with us and it is great to have children having such ownership of our Kindergarten blog and knowing they want to publish their work on it. Great work Holly!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Exploring Skyping at Kindergarten

It's been awhile since we skyped at Kindergarten and there are lots of new children who have never experienced the world of skyping.... It all started with Jodi, Brooke and Jakob trying out new things on the computer - I asked them if they had ever skyped and they weren't so sure, we decided to give it a go... First we tried skyping Geraldine Kindergarten but no answer.... then Fiordland Kindergarten, again no answer... I thought hard and had an idea... We skyped Beverly! How strange, one computer outside with a group of children and one computer inside with a group of children, all talking to each other and wondering how it was happening! We had a lot of laughter as we explored skyping and gained an understanding of how it was happening - children rushed from one computer to the the other to see each other on the screens, we talked about how it was just like a telephone but we could see each other. After we had finished talking to each other we were really lucky to get a skype call from Fiordland Kindergarten. Claire, their Teacher, gave us a great tour of their Kindergarten, introducing us to children along the way. Have a look at the photos in the movie below to see all of the things we saw at Fiordland Kindergarten. It was great to establish new relationships with other children in a Kindergarten right at the very bottom of the South Island. We hope to skype them again and learn more about each other. We especially loved their sunflower paintings - I wonder if it will inspire any children at Manaia... THANKS FIORDLAND KINDERGARTEN!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Ocean Beach Wave

Recently the new way to use our pump has been to fill a big bucket with water and send it flooding down the hill.This creates lots of excitement and joy as the water tumbles powerfully to the bottom, the children are really enjoying that sense of power. Cory has named this event the "Big Ocean Wave", which relates to the learning we have been doing around the Oceans Sea Creatures and his particular interest in how water moves.

Unfortunately - it seems we missed some great shots of the Big Wave from this movie. Please visit again and we will rectify the movie tomorrow (friday)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carpentry Creativity

Please click on the picture to make it bigger. As you can see we have had some industrious carpenters at Manaia Kindergarten. We have a variety of pieces of wood available and a fantastic Dad who has spent time cutting body shapes for us! Last term we started on creating our wooden puppets/dolls/people and this has begun again over the past few days. We are practising our hammering skills and persistence! Some of us can start off our own nails and have the muscles to hammer all the way down, others need a little help getting started (Tania has sore arm muscles to prove it!) but persist at hammering the nails down. Some children choose to paint and or decorate their "puppet" but others were happy with the process of making it. I noticed Luka today carrying her wooden puppet around in her arms like a baby. Priceless! It is great to see children valuing their work and taking pride in what they have made. We endeavour to give the children opportunities to explore with different mediums and encourage their creativity and individuality in their work at Kindergarten. Look out for more carpentry work happening - the children always value support and if you are at Kindergarten the carpentry table is a great place to enjoy working and supporting the children.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Fishing Experiences

Fishing continues to be a big hit! Mostly we are catching Killer Whales!!! Jayden dug a pit to cook the fish... We had fishing off the rocks, fishing off the wharf, and fishing off the jetty. We also heard great fishing stories. Here are a few with a fishing video that follows...

Ari - "We catch Kingfish. We put quite a lot of bait on. We put a special spray on and it catches bigger fish. When we can't catch a fish on a line, we have to go diving for one."

Maz - "We caught a big snapper. We were trying to get it into the boat but it pulled me into the water and Dad had to rescue me. When I got it in, I bashed the fish on the boat. When we went fishing we saw a great white (a shark, I think it was blue) and it ate Dad's fish thing - yeah the hook - it bit it right off into the water"

Seabren - "Look, it's a shark. I'm not scared of sharks. I would just say "Shoo, shoo..." Fishing? But it was too long waiting to get a fish. We saw a fish"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Niall tells us about fish and fishing

Niall tells us about fish and fishing with pictures of the fish filleting process. Please be warned if you have a squemish stomach some pictures are quite graphic.

We have more Dad's excited to share their fishing stories and expertise - check back throughout the fortnight for more fish filleting and stories...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Niall and his Dad, Mark - fillet fish

Look out for the movie coming next week!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fruit Rockets

Click on image to read the story...

Fishing Spots at Kindergarten

It's been a great summer at Whangarei Heads and the fishing has been superb (or so some say!) The children at Manaia Kindergarten have been trying their luck at fishing lately and have had some great catches! They can be seen fishing off the wharf, fishing from the rocks, off the bridge and off some spectacular sounding boats. What amazing imaginations our Manaia children have. Children choose to fish with friends and enjoy the companionship and conversations as they fish or choose to fish alone and enjoy the time to relax. We are looking forward to Mark (Niall's Dad) coming in this week to show us how to fillet a real fish. Good Luck with the fishing Mark!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Experiencing Photo Booth

We have been learning how to use photobooth on the Mac. What a lot of fun and laughter as we learn about all of the different effects we can use. We are learning great mouse skills as we move the mouse onto the camera to take a photo of our funny looking faces. The camera counts down 3, 2, 1 and then the photo is snapped. We are learning to laugh at ourselves and see ourselves in different ways and sometimes this can be VERY strange... Some children are not yet ready to take a photo of themselves looking so different! Maybe some Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Family and Friends would like to come in and try out Photobooth! We have a few experts at Kindergarten who would be only too keen to share their skills.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thanks Josh

What a surpise we got when we came back to Kindergarten on Monday. Josh (Holly's Dad) had been very busy over the weekend building us new steps at Kindergarten. We heard Holly was an amazing helper too! Thanks to Josh and Holly for working so hard at Kindergarten to make our water pump more accessible. We can now walk up the stairs and then challenge ourselves as we walk up the plank - pulling ourselves with the rope as we go. These new steps will be great as the autumn sets in and our bark becomes wetter - how lucky we will be to still be able to get to the pump! The team at Manaia Kindergarten really appreciate your effort!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Monkey bars and swings

These three friends are quite a team. They love being active at Kindergarten and the Monkey bars has always been a big challenge for them. Slowly but surely they have ALL conquered the Monkey Bars and even learnt to do tricks on the bars too. Swinging is another favourite. So in celebration of their achievements... this movie is dedicated to the three musketeers!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pick a Bale of Cotton

We have been singing our song - Pick a Bale for Cotton for many months. A couple of weeks ago we posed the question - What is cotton ?

Here was the response...
Cam "Something you can break".
Jakob "Stuff you can make with."
Chloe "For babies to sleep in."

Then we asked - Where does Cotton come from?

Sari "Cotton on a reel. Wool in the fridge becomes cotton. There are no cotton trees in the whole world."
Jakob "Wool from a farmer".
Chloe "From a lamb".
Jayden "Cotton from a farmer, from cowboys."
Billie "Blankets are sometimes made out of feathers."
Jayden "Cut wool off a sheep. You can ask a farmer, you can get a steamer, shear a sheep and put it into a bag. Use a sharp machine to get the hair off a sheep."
Holly "I saw a sheep getting cut, on my holiday."
Jakob "Cotton comes from wool."
Maz "We have a cotton tree."
Ruben "Cotton is from trees actually."
Maz "It looks like leaves and thats when they start. They change from leaves and get lighter - looks like soft but not squishy. There is a lot of them on there, we picked them off there. They are like this (demonstrates a pod shape with his hands). You can't really see the seeds 'cause they are at the top of the tree. Dad knows where it is. It got old so we had to cut it but we got a new one now. Its got to get bigger and then it will get cotton."

Maz went home and took a photo of his cotton tree. He emailed the photo to Kindergarten. Here is his picture of his cotton tree.

We looked up Cotton Picking on the internet - and you can see what we found in the Kindergarten. Or type it into Google at your place!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bakers at Work

Check out our new cooking aprons and hats! We look like real bakers! THANKS HEAPS to Cory Capey and his Mum, Cherie, for donating these bakers outfits to Kindergarten. Cherie is a rep for Tupperware products and these outfits are a new feature in their children's range. What a great idea for getting children more involved in baking. They certainly worked well at Manaia Kindergarten today. Our scones definately tasted good today!

Holly, Jessica, Julia, Jakob and Isla

Ruben, Cory, Cam and Izaak

Ruben, Cory and Cam

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ruben's Story

Ruben here is your story that you asked me to post on the blog.

23rd February
Ruben you shared a great story with me today. I wrote your words down so that you could have this story. I think maybe you were recalling a book or tape. Your memory is very good at this! I loved your story so here it is:

"The tooth fairy was in the south swinging her legs. The children were playing in the garden when the woobly tooth fell out. His sister said "Don't lose it, we will put it in a glass of water". The boy put the tooth in his pocket and when he looked for it at lunchtime it had vanished.
That night when he was asleep he was tired and very dissapointed, his sister said
"When I had a lost tooth (She sounded quiet like the tooth fairy) she said it is so hard to wake up, but then I didn't so I didn't see a thing. The tooth fairy was swinging her legs on his window sill and then she said :"You must find the tooth it is so important. I promise to take you to cloud land if you and your sister find the tooth".
Ther next morning they looked in the garden and found the tooth. The tooth fairy kept her promise and waving her wand she made the children as small as the tooth fairy, she waved her wand again and then they flied up to cloud land with the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy said ;"Some stars are gold but your one is silver and that is lucky because they are special ones, old ones". They saw a boat and sailed away and the the boy said:"Please may I plant my own tooth?".
Then the tooth fairy asked them to go to breakfast with them. Then they went back home to their own room and then the sister came into the boy's room and said:"Did we realkly see the tooth fairy/". The boy said :"Yes we did!". They told their Mum and Dad about their adventure.

Ruben you then told me that this story was from a tape but it is true! The tooth fairy left Ruben some fairy dust.