Monday, February 9, 2009

The Old and the New

It has been a busy start to the new year. Our new playground is complete and has been well explored. Eight new children have settled in. Older children have eventually returned for the new term. It is all about the old and the new - older children, new playground - new children, older and still exciting resources. Older children teaching new children. New Children contributing to groups, evolving older friendships into new groups. We are all adapting, exploring, negogiating, discovering, bonding, learning, contributing and building a strong kindergarten community. Tania is away relieving at Riverside Kindergarten, and Wendy has found her niche again at Manaia while Tania is away. Its all new, and its all old, and its exciting. Check out our busy first 10 days of 2009!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Beverly and Manaia Kindergarten Children

Hullo from Dunedin - do you know where that is? Beverly will need to get a map out!

I had my first look at your Blogspot just now and met Poi, Ekko and Nutkin. I was interested in Nutkin's holiday in Bali and wondered if Nutkin was still there or had come back to your kindergarten?

I really liked seeing what Poi and Ekko do when they go to your homes. Riding in a car and on a horse too! That is really exciting. I visited you for a morning a few weeks ago so it was fun seeing your playground being built as I only saw it when it was finished.

You have such a good place, a great kindergarten - I especially liked the pump as we had one just like it in our garden when we were children - and we had to pump water out of it in the summer. The water came from a deep well underground.

Thankyou for having me at Kindergarten and thankyou for making your blogspot
Robyn (A friend of Beverly's)