Friday, February 27, 2009

Making Scones at Kindergarten

We made scones on Tuesday and Thursday this week at Kindergarten. Children have a definte understanding of the process and are going to become very proficient over the next few weeks. Children were given the opportunity to tell us their story about making scones and we wrote down their words. Check out your child's portfolio to hear their story of the scone making process. We were most impressed with their memory and their language! Check out the movie below to see the children in action scone making.


Breakaway Retreat said...

Yummy! I love eating scones, especially when they still nice and warm from the oven.

I like have lots of butter with them too! I also like to put dates in our scones too.

I know Niall you love your scones like mummy.

Love Mum Dad Liam and Ceara.

Tracey said...

Wow! Emily told me all about making scones at kindergarten and how wonderful to see you all in action! She said that you put butter on them and gobbled them up and I saw this was true! Scones are great and how great to see so many different shapes and sizes of scones! Great baking.
Love Tracey