Friday, February 20, 2009

The Gingerbread Man!

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Amanda and Josh Askew said...

Your gingerbread men look delicious! I would love to know the recipe you used so Holly and I can make them at home.
Well done everyone from Holly's Mum

Greenhithe Kindergarten said...

Muy goodness your gingerbread men look SO delicious. We are sure you are all very fast runners and can escape the fox!
Greenhithe Kindergarten

Hunter Park said...

We would love to know who wrote the gingerbread song and what the CD is called.
We've been baking a lot too and this week were lucky enough to Skype another kindergarten to watch them grind wheat into flour using their mill as they baked.
We might have to skype you guys some time.
David at Hunter Park Kindergarten