Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holiday Greetings

We hope that you are all thoroughly enjoying this most amazing summer over the holidays. Beaches, suntans, swimming, boating, fishing, sprinklers - the list goes on. Keep safe, and we hope the rest of the holidays are just as great (though some water for my water tank won't go amiss!)

While you have been sunning yourselves on the beaches it has all been go at Manaia Kindergarten. The workmen arrived on the 5 of Jan and have been slaving away in the hot sun ever since. We will leave some surprises for your return - but in the mean time feast your eyes on these radical changes to the playground and maybe you can begin to make plans about what you could discover and explore on your return on the 27th of Jan...

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Anonymous said...

wow that looks exciting, cant wait to visit...:)