Friday, December 4, 2009

Wet and Wild

It has been a warm week at Manaia. Today Eleanor brought in a cool idea she had seen involving a water slide and the sandpit. Many helpers worked together to dig a space for the "pool", Robyn and Eleanor made a slide with boxs and a plank. It was all on! Lots of people had such great fun sliding into the pool. Water is such a great element to enjoy over summer. Check out our movie.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Manaia Kindergarten Fashion Show

Our fabulous reliever, Eleanor, has created works of art with the material that has been kindly donated to Manaia Kindergarten over the years. Evening dresses, summer frocks, delicate skirts and skirts to wear out on the town have been designed and fashioned. We are used the opportunity of a fashion show to show case this work. These dress-up dresses and skirts are available for sale, ranging in price from $8 - $15. Eleanor has kindly donated her services as a fundraiser for Manaia.

Below we present the Manaia Models as they walk the cat walk and show off the outfits for you.

Cam's Butterfly

Monday, November 30, 2009

forest floor art exploration

Stella Corkill came up with a brilliant plan for the day. She wanted to turn the Kindergarten into a forest. We had large pieces of paper which we spread across the floor and began the work together. What amazing artwork developed as we talked about trees and animals that live in a forest.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Learn to count in Te Reo Maori

We have had Arvay come to Manaia Kindergarten from the Northland Kindergarten Association to support us in our tikanga and te reo. She has taught us all a new song to help us learn our numbers in Maori. Ask your children if they remember it - tahi, rua, toru matimat...

We were unable to find a link to this song to support the children's learning from home, however we have found a youtube video to learn to count in Maori. Play and learn together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of this youtube video there will be links to other videos. We have no control where those links will take you and advise caution and parental supervision if following those links.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doing the Monster Mash

What fantastic art work is being created here! Seabren and Dominic got very enthusiastic about making monster pictures. You guys sat at the paint easels for a long time (developing perseverance) creating monster painting after monster painting. Your work is individual each painting is unique. You have chosen a range of themes, scary, octopus, glowing to name a few. You embellished each one with different colours and forms. Your creations are wonderful, you are practising skills in working with forms and colours and learning a lot about art/creativity. Way to go guys lovely work!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A week at Manaia Kindergarten

We thought we would give you a sneek peek at all the exciting learning happening at Manaia Kindergarten over the past two weeks. Check out particularly a special practice run for a fashion show... Children dressed by our children's dress fashion designer Eleanor. We plan to show you more of that at a formal gathering at Manaia Kindergarten. Watch this space...
In the meantime enjoy all the fabulous insights into our inquisitive minds.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tj's Campervan

A couple of weeks ago, Tj brought his family campervan in to show us. Tj had been talking about how he enjoyed going away in the Campervan for holidays. The children got to look through the campervan which they really enjoyed. Tj told us some things he loves about the campervan:
"It can go far away. I love the bunks. I like to go to Sandspit because there is a big beach and a big,big,big ferry boat. My campervan is big like a truck, it is as big as a truck. Daddy drives the campervan up our big hill first because it is bigger than our Ute."
Wow thanks Tj and your family for sharing your campervan with us.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kinder Olympics

On Friday we went to our very own Kindergarten Olympics! What a great day we had. We competed with seven other kindergartens, in a range of activities designed to stretch our physical skills and align our brains. We had lots of fun moon-hoppering, soccer goal scoring, sack racing, crawl tunneling, balancing, throwing bean bags and parachute tossing. We held a medal ceremony at the end and everyone received a medal. Well done Manaia children! The day was put on by Sport Northland, our thanks to them for organising such a great event.
Working with physical skills helps muscles to develop, and the brain to switch on, encouraging our children to become agile helps to prepare them for school and life.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Show Day and KidsExpo

Last weekend was an opportunity for Manaia Kindergarten to be out in the local public eye and showcase the amazing work the children engage in at Kindergarten.

Parua Bay Show Day
What an amazing event our neighbouring school put on. The community rallied around and joined the school on a brilliant sunny Saturday morning. Many of our children were there enjoying art work created by our older school friends, checking out the animals - lambs, sheep, calves as they were walked around the showring. Then we gathered around the Show Day truck and put on a performance to school children, parents, and teachers. Dee worked with the children on the stage to support their dancing.

Kids Expo
What a fabulous event. So many families from around Whangarei joined in to give their children many new experiences. There were bouncy castles, trampolines, bike rides. Inside included an Active Movement center, Tanya Batt story telling, and a creative centre to try new art experiences. There was food to share and displays from all Kindergartens in the Northland Association. It was great to see what other Kindergartens are doing in their curriculum.

The proceeds of this family fundraiser are going to the Samoan Relief effort and will help to re-establish centres of education for Samoan children.

Friday, October 23, 2009

wacky wednesday

Pizza Making

It was a great day for Pizza! Tineke, Aylas mum came to help us make Pizza. What a lot of work goes into a Pizza, thanks for preparing the pizza dough Tineke. We had to very carefully toss the dough from hand to hand to make a ball. Next we stretched the dough out to make a base. Beverly knows a lot about making Pzza and she explained to us that we needed to treat the dough gently so that it rises. Once our bases were made we put all of the toppings on. We had to cut and chop lots of vegetables and use the grater for the cheese. It was quite a process! We learned lots of things about making pizza, we had to be patient, take turns, make choices, try our hand at cutting vegetables. We also had lots of healthy toppings to choose from like mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicums, cougettes, chives, onions, as well as meat and cheese. This was great as it links with our vegetable garden. We did get to take home some delicious pizza mmmm. Thanks Ayla and Tineke for all of your help.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunflower garden hot houses

As we continue our journey towards learning about all the aspects of gardening we are introducing various ideas for planting.

Today we started out the day by carrying out the task of watering our tomato plants that are growing well and hopefully they will soon be ready to plant out into our outside garden - yum fresh chemical free tomatoes. We then moved onto making our own mini little hot house and planted a sunflower seed. I wonder which seed your child decided to choose?
Was it the one that grows tall like a giant or was it the one that has lots and lots of flowers on it?
Another part of our gardening process is making sure the weeds are kept away - we also need to keep the birds away! with the strawberry plants starting to produce we have hungry birds trying to eat them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

chicken and duck

A chicken hatching a duck might seem a bit unusual and it is. This all started out as an experiment from one of the children's group conversations at mat time and they were convinced that a chicken could not hatch a duck egg. Lots of research went into making this happen. Factors like chicken eggs taking 21 days and duck eggs taking 28 days to incubate (would a chicken sit for long enough to make them hatch?) How would the chicken react to having a very unusual looking baby with such a funny looking beak and huge feet. Well as you can see from the photos all is well. Althought there were a few almost surprised looks on the chickens face when it got a good look at the baby, mother and baby are doing well. They have broken through the communication barrier with the ducking responding to the chickens gutteral 'come and eat now' noises. We will keep you posted and I am sure your children look forward to watching the duck develope into a magnificent Khaki Campbell. Now we just need a name - any suggestions?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pet Day??

What a lot of animals we had at Kindergarten today. Flynn brought in Lucky. Robyn brought in her pet from home.

Ayla brought in some very helpful animals and we created a speical farm house for them. And Beverly's 'best friend' came to join the medley!! Can you tell your families the stories about these animals visits today? Each had their own story. Click on the image for a closer look.

Robyn's pet is doing something very special. She has some eggs underneather her. She is keeping them warm until they hatch. Do you remember what kind of animal will hatch from her eggs? Its a little bit wacky!!

Today one egg had a small crack in the side and when we put our ears up close we could hear a 'peep' sound and a tapping sound. Maybe tomorrow - but definately on our Wacky Wednesday the animals will have hatched. What a party we will have on Wacky Wednesday with our new pets.

Monday, October 12, 2009

ULearn09 Conference

Once again, Tania and Beverly attended the ULearn Conference in Christchurch. We presented the stories of blogging and how Manaia Kindergarten blog has helped to build our community of learners. What an awesome opportunity to share with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary teachers, the incredible skills and expertise of the young children and families in our community. Tania and I networked with many teachers, and heard awesome feedback - teachers encouraged to use ICT and the tool of blogging in their education settings. Our children and community can consider themselves leaders in education.

Here is our Conference experience... Including the conference dinner where much networking took place. Thanks to CORE Education for an inspirational conference.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Teddy Bears Picnic

What an awesome last day of our third term... We celebrated with a teddy bears picnic. We came to kindergarten in our PJs with our teddys under our arms. We learnt to treat our friends favourite bears with respect and share stories about our bears. There were some children who were a bit shy about their bears - so it took courage to open up and share. There was much excitement as we prepared for our picnic. It was great to have such community involvement as we invited our parents along to share in the occassion. Thanks to all the families who contributed food for the party, and for those who came along to hear the stories and share our kai. It was wonderful to finish the term together, with our favourite furry friends.

In the new term we will need to start planning for our next event.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Princess Long Ago

We have been working on making our own music to go with our movie. Here is our first attempt. We used garage band to make the music and our camera for the photos so here it is!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Disco Fever

What an awesome night. It was great for children to experience something different at Kindergarten - Kindergarten at night!! We had a fantastic turnout. Thanks to the wonderful families who pitched in to make this event happen and happen so successfully. Children were able to explore their moves. We had read the book "Hemi Dances" at Kindergarten this morning and talked about the different ways we could dance, or be inspired to dance. The loud music and flashing lights helped everyone get in the mood. Children showed their families, brothers and sisters around the kindergarten. Everyone seemed very much at home. There was awesome kai with home made ice cream. In the end we slowed down the evening with a bedtime story. Many children wanted the night to continue forever! Check out the dance moves in this video clip below.

Human Chain

Out on the Whangarei Heads today, around the Marine Reserve of Reotahi, there took place an historic event. A Human Chain was formed to send a message to boaties from all around - Our Marine Reserve needs to be protected! Some of our children from Manaia Kindergarten took part in this event. You can find out more about the Reotahi Human Chain via this news link - TV One News

Back at Kindergarten we talked about the Human Chain; How it was created, What it meant, and what it might look like. We decided to join in spirit with our brothers, sisters, family and friends who were at Reotahi, and form our own Human Chain. We created a chain of protection and aroha around our new formed vegetable garden. We held hands and sung songs of love. We talked about the need to protect our garden, give to our garden, and enjoy our garden - and then it too may give to bountifully to us.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skyping our Friends

A few weeks ago we skyped our friend Sari, in her new Kindergarten in Nelson. Click on the page below to see the photos and read the story.

Soon after skyping Sari, we had a skype call from Tania. Tania pops in to visit every now and then between her trips to Auckland as Facilitator for the ECE ICT PL programme. When she can't make it to Manaia, she skypes. The children are maintaining their relationship with her, and chat to her about their plans with ease. Skyping is just the way we talk to our distant friends these days.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Isla's Kiwi

Isla you were so lucky to go on a school trip to the Kiwi House. We have been talking alot about native birds especially Kiwi. Unfortunately we could not come with you Isla but it was great that you have shared your photo's and story about the Kiwi with all of us.

Monday, September 14, 2009

TJ hits Australia

During the month of August, TJ and his family took a holiday to Australia. What an amazing opportunity to have new and different experiences. TJ and his family look like they had a wonderful time and they took heaps of photos. Here is the movie TJ created using many of his photos. Talk about persistance TJ - there were so many photos, of so many wonderful experiences that it took two sittings to create the movie. Check it out and see what an awesome job TJ did creating his movie.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Drum Band

Today we experimented with creating a movie and music. Cameron and Izaak were keen to play the drums. Cam gave us an amazing beat to work with. We put this track down first and then Izaak came up with his own cool drum beat to add. We also put in a cow bell and cymbals. Leeanne took some photos. Our editing needs a little work but for a first attempt I think we did well. Hope you enjoy our Drum Band.!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Cross Country

What an awesome day at Cross Country. Thank you to Parua Bay School for sharing their fields with us. Thank you to the PB School children for supporting us, and joining in the fun with a couple of races. And thanks awesomely to all the parents for being such good sports - supporting, marshalling, and running!

What amazing Kindergarten runners we have. Everyone who started the race, finished the race. We learnt about persevering, picking ourselves up when we fell, trying our hardest, and being good sports. What amazing lessons. It was great to have so many people supporting us. The sun was shining, the ground almost dry (from weeks of rain), and a cool wind to cool us down. We also have ice blocks to round off the day.

Check out our movie and all the great running and the bunch of certificates at the end.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preparing for our Cross Country

There has been much excitement as we prepare for our Cross Country race. This week we have been practicing at home, practicing at kindergarten and learning to warm up and warm down. Check out our practice runs and tomorrow you can catch the REAL Cross Country running which will happen at Parua Bay School. We look forward to having huge support from family and friends and even our buddies from school will be there to cheer us on.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nialls Worm Farm

Niall what a fantastic worm farm you made. Thanks for sharing your worm farm with us.


Gardening can be so much fun. Most of the children have enjoyed getting involved in all the processes that are involved with growing fruit and vegetables. We started by talking about what we needed in our raised boxes, like dirt, compost etc, before we could start planting. In the short time between filling them up and planting our first palnts weeds had decided that they would like to grow in our boxes too!! so out with the weeds and in with the plants. We have started with strawberry plants and have started to raise seeds in egg trays to plant out. We have also just planted some flowers and have been discussing companion planting. We encourage anyone with spare time or magic green fingers to come and work alongside the children. We have many more seeds to plant and lots of room. This is also a fabulous opportunity for the children to grow their own healthy food to eat, I wonder what will be the first plant to produce food? Watch this space we will keep you updated. From the team at Manaia Kindergarten.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wombat stew

Holly brought her book of Wombat stew in to us on Wednesday. Today we decided to make our own Wombat stew and to act the story out. We had lots of fun choosing our ingredients and we made some really yucky stews!! Once we had mixed it all up adding lots of water and sand, we tried a re-enactment of the story. Holly was our "very clever dingo" and Isla nad Niall and Wyatt played some of the animals. We had lots of fun and got to practise using expression and remembering lines. We hope you enjoy our video of "Wombat stew".
We have been working lately with storytelling and acting plays out - these are great activities for developing confidence and increasing our range of language. Using this sort of communication for fun events helps us to increase our vocabulary, it stretches our imagination, and stimulates ourcreativity.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Ice-Cream

Today Sheelagh offered to make ice-cream with the children. Niall was very excited about this! Thanks Sheelagh for coming and making ice-cream with us. We had been given some duck eggs to use so we tried them out in our ice-cream, we had a talk about those eggs and fortunately Niall knew that they would look the same as other eggs on the inside. We learned all sorts of things about mixing our ingredients, measuring out the right amounts, watching those ingredients transform into something delicious. We also got to practice taking turns, and of course it tested our patience because ice-cream takes a while to freeze, so we are going to eat it tomorrow. Mmmm I am looking forward to tomorrow! Check out our movie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cedric makes a movie!!

Cedric took the camera home for the first time and came back to kindergarten with heaps of photos. You really enjoyed creating your movie, Cedric.What an amazing smile when you heard your voice come back through the speakers after recording. What an awesome movie Cedric and what a wonderful place you live in.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jonathon and Jakobs big adventure

What an exciting time you two had. We decided to make a movie out of your photo's. You talked really well in the movie Jakob and Jonathon. You knew just when to give your brother a turn. Great working together guys. I really enjoyed your movie. To see what we are talking about watch the movie of Jonathon and Jakobs big day out!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Auckland/Central North Island Regional Hui

Beverly and Dee at work on Saturday at the Auckland/Central North Island Regional Hui. Beverly and Dee presented a workshop, inspiring other Teachers by sharing our blogging journey, showcasing the amazing skills of the children at Manaia Kindergarten. They also had the opportunity to learn from other Teachers and I am sure will come back to Kindergarten on Monday with more exciting learning opportunities and skills to share with you all:-) Ask them for a demonstration of Garageband! I can't wait to see where this takes you all this week. I can imagine a Manaia Band.... We are coming to the end of our 3 year ECE ICT Professional Learning contract and it is very sad that this was our last regional hui. These Hui's have provided us with an amazing opportunity to learn so many new skills as well as network with a wide range of like minded Teachers. We certainly appreciate the facilitation and support we have received from Naketa Ferguson, and CORE Education while being a part of this project. We are so lucky that ICT is firmly embedded in our curriculum at Manaia Kindergarten and that we have had such amazing support from our children, whanau and community.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Goldilocks and the three bears

Today was a wet day, at mat time we talked about what we could do on such a rainy day. We came up with the idea of enacting Goldilocks and the three bears. We got our props organised and had plenty of willing actors to take on the roles. Watch our video to see what we did!
When we act stories out children are developing communication skills, some of our shy children become bold and confident when they take these roles on. Acting also assists in the development of memory and of course we had lots of fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lucky the Lamb

Lucky the Lamb came with Flynn to visit us at Kindergarten. It was great fun to have Lucky with us this morning we learned a lot about Lucky from you Flynn. Thanks for sharing Lucky with us Flynn.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Apple Crumble

Niall had been talking to Robyn about apple crumble. We decided to make some. Last term we did a lot of baking scones and this term we thought we would venture into some other sorts of baking. It is always good for us to have to work through a process to get something done. This teaches us about the many steps involved in baking for instance. We get to practise waiting, turn taking and contributing as a team to make something. We also get to learn about measuring and mixing and trying out tastes, some of us thought that the lemon would make it sour but surprisingly no it did not. We watched the sultanas get fat and juicy.
We certainly enjoyed eating our work!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A rabbit OR a duck??? What do you think???

Check out this clever ABC

Click on the link below to see what can be done with the letters... Let me know what your favourite letter is after you have watched them all...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Room 1 and Room 4 Visit Kindergarten

Parua Bay School classes 1 and 4 came to visit today, we had lots of fun meeting our old friends. The school children practised reading to our children, what great readers they are. After reading they had some fun playing with us. We hope they can visit us again.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cats and dogs

We are so lucky at Manaia Kindergarten because so many children have pets. The visits we have had are - pet rabbits, pet guinea pigs, pet dogs and today a pet cat. Niall brought his new cat Tassi to visit and we were amazed how well she coped with so many Kindergarten children. Niall passed her from friend to friend and she purred.

Since we have had Beverly's dog to visit a coupld of times, we talked about the things that were the same and the things that were different about cats and dogs. At mat time we discovered they both have 4 legs, 2 ears, a tail, eyes, nose and a mouth that is similar. They also both have fur!! So - what are the differences between cats and dogs?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi to All at Manaia

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and survived the storms! Had an AMAZING holiday in Bali - lots of relaxing,swimming, shopping, eating and many adventures. Enjoyed a visit to the Safari Park where we got up close to many different animals and had a ride on an elephant. Had a great time at Waterbom Park on the slides with Joshua and his family. Joshua was SO brave and tried out so many different BIG slides! I even went on the BIG slides! We went on a huge boat out to an Island and saw how they farmed seaweed and went snorkelling and saw heaps of colourful fish. I have put some pictures on the blog for you to see... I am waiting for more to come back so will put some more up soon. Look forward to seeing some of your holiday stories and photos on the blog. Will be out to visit soon.
Love Tania

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Wags adventure

What an awesome day we had at the Whangarei Academy of Gymnastics - WAGS. As always the bus trip there was a highlight - AND - we had plenty of time to stop off at the Whangarei Library on our way. It was great to be there as a big group with our friends and share the books we love. Shelves and shelves of books, and each had their own special story for us to discover. We sat on our own. We sat in big groups. We sat in small groups and read. Then there was a special music time that they always have at the library and we were able to join in for the first few songs. We were impressed at how many songs we knew and could do all the actions to.
Then it was back on the bus and on to WAGS.
WAGS was a big building with a high roof. The mat area was huge. Some of us had been there before and were able to share stories about their experiences.
We started off all on the mat together. We pretended to drive a car/ bike, and we worked on our hoop skills.
After that we split into two groups and tried out the equipment. The hall was full of interesting apparatus. There were monkey bars, trampolines, beams, ropes, vaults, and rings. When we had some idea of how to use the equipment we were able to explore on our own and with our friends. Thanks to the huge number of parents who helped out and supported the children as they explored. This made it really safe for them to try new ways to make their bodies work. It was amazing to find new things for our bodies to move and to test out muscles in our arms and legs, in our backs and stomachs. We also had to learn to be safe to look after our bodies as we explored movement.
We finished on the mat with a bus trip. Yes a bus on the mat. We had to use our imagination as we walked to our seats, turned corners, and screeched to a stop. When the tyre needed changing we had to think about the actions we needed to pretend to fix the wheel, and then to push the bus when it broke down again.
Luckily our bus trip home was not as traumatic. We had a great day learning about movement, exercise and keeping healthy and fit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beverly's new puppy visits Kindergarten

Beverly's new puppy arrived at Kindergarten today. On Friday a picture of Beverly's TradeMe picture of her puppy was projected on the big screen for children and parents to see. There were many discussions about him being the new Manaia Kindergarten Mascot!! After settling in at Beverly's house over the weekend - K came to Kindergarten for a visit.

We learnt about how to be gentle with puppies and how to approach a dog. We learnt about dogs needing to know that the humans are the 'leaders' of the pack - so we were not to follow (chase) him. If K nibbled our fingers we had to find him a chew toy - chewing fingers can lead to biting.

The little puppy loved being around so many children and exploring the Kindergarten. We watched him, we feed him, we played with him and then we even gave him a BATH. We had fun and K really enjoyed the warm water and many hands massaging him.

What a great way to learn about dogs with a little chihuahua poodle pup!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sari and the guinea pigs

Sari borrowed the kindergarten FlipCam for the weekend (some weeks ago). That weekend, Sari was looking after Andy's guinea pigs. Sari LOVES them as you will see in the movie. Sari did an awesome job sharing her knowledge of guinea pigs, and using the FlipCam to record her experiences.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Volcanoes with Kevin

Its great to have parents getting involved and playing at Kindergarten. Our children learn so much from new interests and new ways of doing things, that we really encourage our whanau to take part. Dare I say, the children loved having a Man around today. Kevin brought a new energy to the sandpit and the children pushed themselves to build the biggest volcano. And when the building was complete - it was time to blow it up - with a stack of baking soda, red dye, and vinegar!!

Our Garden in the making...

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day at the Salon

We had special visitors at Kindergarten who brought elegance, grace and heaps of fun to the programme. Kesia and Kristian opened a salon at Kindergarten. We wrote our own names down on the appointment list. We could choose to have our hair remodeled, nails painted, hair sprayed, faces painted - the list went on. What amazingly wonderful creations we became as the day at the salon spread throughout the kindergarten. There were many chances to discuss with our peers our ideas and share new looks. Thank you Kesia and Kristian. You helped us take up the challenge to try something different, to be creative, and to trust that others would respect our ideas. Check it out...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chocolate - melting moments

Yesterday Sari brought a chocolate in her lunch box. Sari and her Mum had made their own chocolates at home. We made a plan for Sari to teach us how to make chocolates at Kindergarten and today she brought in her chocolate molds. We bought some chocolate buttons. Sari suggested we melt the chocolate in a bowl above boiling water. We filled the electric frying pan with boiling water and rested a bowl in the water. We could not let the water touch the chocolate. When we did do this - the chocolate seized, went hard and couldn't be melted again. The chocolate had to melt slowly. We had brown milk chocolate and white chocolate. it was a slow process that helped you learn patience as you waited for your turn.You had to work carefully to scoop the melted chocolate into the mold. Sometimes you needed to use another spoon to scoop the chocolate off the first spoon. This tested your co-ordination and was tricky. We had molds in the shape of animals, in the shape of bears and in hexigons with flowers. By the time we had finished we had plenty of chocolate for everyone.
It was great to watch the chocolate melt. We had to use the brown chocolate fast because as it cooled it became hard and had to be re-melted. After all the molds were full we put them into the fridge to set. This took about 15-20miniutes. What yummy chocolates they were. They are a great treat to have sometimes and we were especially lucky to have Sari and her Mum, Sarah, help us make so many chocolates to share.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chloe's Horse Movie

Chloe has been very excited about looking at a horse, Jack, to buy... Here is her story which she really wanted to put on the blog...
We were riding Jack, we went to go and see him at the Pony Club. We went to see if we wanted to buy him. We are going to buy and we're going to teach him to not jump high. I mustn't canter yet because I'm not used to him. I can go over little jumps and do walking and trotting with him. Mummy showed him the treats and he thought he was getting food and Mummy gave him all of it, the treats were apples and carrots.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Massive Mount Manaia Volcano

Yet another busy day of working at Kindergarten. A group of children wanted to make the BIGGEST volcano ever at Kindergarten and today I think they succeeded. As they worked other children came to lend a hand and very soon it was a big team sharing ideas and skills as they constructed the volcano.... Check out the photos

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off to the Theatre

Today was a very special day - our trip to Forum North for the "Seasons" production by Capital E National Theatre for Children and then lunch at the Town Basin Playground. The trip in with Toni on the bus is always a highlight! The show was amazing - we learnt all about spring, summer, autumn and winter through the use of story, song and puppets. There was lots of laughter and interactions with the actors. It was a perfect sunny day for visiting the Town Basin Playground and we all enjoyed exploring the equipment, climbing high on the huge spider's webs and showing our friends our skills... What a great day - thanks heaps to the parents who joined us on this trip and had just as much fun as us!

Then to the playground...

Flynn's Butterfly

A few weeks ago, Flynn wanted to know if we would like one of his chrysalises for the Kindergarten. We thought that was a great idea - but it was quite late in the season. Flynn was not perturbed. He brought in his chrysalis and it sat on the kitchen bench for one week, then another week, then another.... One day we noticed it had changed slightly. A few days later we noticed it getting darker in colour. That was a good sign - but still it was taking a long time and the weather was getting very cold. It was last Friday, when we arrived at Kindergarten that we noticed there was no longer a bulging chrysalis on the stalk that Flynn brought in - but sitting beside the empty shell - was a beautiful Butterfly.

When Flynn had his photo taken with his butterfly he asked if it could go on the blog so his sisters could see. Hope you enjoy showing your family Flynn - your butterfly was very tough to brave the cold and come out of his chrysalis!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manaia Artists at Work

We are gearing up to our MAJOR FUNDRAISER of the year! On Queen's Birthday Monday our 'Great Manaia Mid Winter Arts and Craft Show! will be happening at the Parua Bay Community Centre. We have had an amazing group of dedicated and hard working parents who have made this event happen! Come along, bring friends and family, and enjoy the day - check out local artists and their work, enjoy a coffee and lunch at the cafe, a sausage from the bbq, have your face painted and a pony ride! Our Manaia children have been working on their own art work for display on the day - check it out below!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Trip to Whangarei Fire Station and Stumpy's

WOW What an amazing day! HUGE THANKS to those parents who came along with us, Whangarei Firefighters - Scott, Mark, Karl and Jeremy and to Brad and Dagny at Stumpy's Takeaways for the incredible Fish and Chips. What a great way to finish off on a cold wintery day - fish and chips! We all highly recommend Stumpy's! Here is just a few photos (we took over 400) of the day. We will put more together into a movie format for the blog. Please click on each page to see it BIG!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jam Tarts at Kindergarten

Olivia and her Mum brought yummy jam tarts into kindergarten for the teachers. They were so good Olivia wanted to make them for everyone at Kindergarten. So Claire and Olivia came to Kindergarten with the ingredients and we all helped make Jam Tarts to eat together. It was yummy pastry that we used to cut the bases out for the tarts. Then a scoop of jam to drop into the middle. Claire put them into the oven and beautiful smells filled the Kindergarten. Wow were we ready to enjoy the tarts when they were cooked. We sat around the tables together to share. Thank you Claire and Olivia for sharing this tasty recipe with us and helping us make to them today.

Check out the simiple process and the delicious tarts in the movie.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exploring Electrical Circuits

How exciting, two new electricity kits have arrived to boost up our orginal set. We have had heaps of fun exploring and experimenting with these kits over the past few days. We are learning how to connect the electrical circuit to make the light bulb and the motor go. We are learning that you need to have the bulb or the motor plugged into the battery to make them go and what wires we need to hook up. We are exploring using switches and wiring these into our circuits to enable us to switch the light bulbs and motors on and off. We are working individually and with friends as we explore this new equipment. We are asking lots of questions about electricity and doing lots of thinking.... our learning continues.... if you have any knowledge about electricity that you can share with us, come in and join us, we love to learn together.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wacky Hair Day

It all began when Beverly visited Parua Bay School and they were having a "Wacky Hair Day", Beverly took lots of photo's of all the wild and wacky hair she saw, when we shared these with the children, they decided that they would like to try a "Wacky Hair Day" at Kindergarten.
We decided to hold our "Wacky Hair Day" on Thursday 14th May. It was a fabulous day with lots of wild hair on display! Wacky Hair Day is all about having fun, coping with change and finding the humour. There were many oohs and aahs as we looked at everyones hair. A big thankyou to our parents for supporting this day so fully. Check out our slide show .......

Horse continue at Manaia Kindergarten

Horses continue to be a favourite at Manaia Kindergarten. Sari has her plans (you can view her intial thoughts on Sari Talks about Horses post). Chloe, Emily, Julia, Flynn, and Holly have been helping make our new horse harnesses. Jessi is bringing her pony to our fundraising Mid Winter Art and Craft show. Sari took photos of her neighbours horses and tells us all about them in her movie.

One new horse harness on trial at Manaia Kindergarten - planned with teachers, prototypes have been trialed, many have had a go at sewing... the creations continue.

Photos to come...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flynn's Tower

Sarah and Andrew - Flynn wanted to put this picture on the blog for you to see. More pictures to come.

I want to say "this is a tower and Julia makteded too. Some of We made it with the bulding things. All of the white ones were diamonds and all of the others were the same (Flynn goes to check) - they were all squares. There was white - the diamonds - and there was blue and red and green. I think there are more colours - I will just go and look.... AND Lellow!! Y- Yellow."

"I'm drawing the water. But its not the drinking water. And now I'm going to put in a jet ski. That long bit is the motor".

Friday, May 8, 2009

Flynn shares his interest in fishing

"I go fishing with my daddy and my poppa. I catch lots of fish... john dory, snapper -actually we have caught hundreds of snapper. " - Flynn
Julia - When I went fishing with my Dad we caught everything in the sea.
"Daddy did just caught a shark and him throwed it back to sea... actually the shark got away. I like fishing because I like eating fish. I put them in oven - we can even cook them on the boat and we have all the sleeping stuff on the boat. We have a book about fish at home and actually my Dad can sing it." - Flynn

"Can we put it on the blog then it will go all the way over to my house?!" - Flynn
The first thing that Flynn told his mum when she arrived at Kindergarten was "we put my picture on the blog!"

Tania shares her Marathon Medal

We would all like to congratulate Tania on her amazing accomplishment - the Rotorua Marathon! This week Tania shared her experience and showed the children of Manaia her well earned medal.

Congratulations Tania - A job awesomely done!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sari talks about horses - do you have one?

What amazing ideas our children have at Manaia Kindergarten. Chloe, Jessie, Billie, Jodi, and Sari have been enjoying horses at Kindergarten. We have many plans about horses. Sari came up with some ideas today too... In the video below she shares her ideas.

Sari shares photos of her neighbours horses a few weeks later.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Brown Bear story

Yesterday at mat time Tania did the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" magnetic story. The children enjoyed learning the words and then coming up and choosing an animal off the board. Excellent turn taking skills were learnt and we also used te reo for the names and colours of the animals. Many new children were keen to take the animals home so Robyn suggested that we could make our own animals tomorrow. The next day the children set to work to create their own animals for the story. Click on the pages below to make the story larger so you can read what happened and see their pictures.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We wish Tania well on the Rotorua Marathon

Image - Tania in training for her first ever full marathon!

On Saturday the 2nd of May, Tania will be taking part in the 45 Anniversary Rotorua Marathon - that's 42.195 km!!

Tania - the teachers, children and families wish you well on this awesome goal. We will be cheering you all the way. All the best.

Check the results!