Monday, May 26, 2008

Tracey from Geraldine brings the painting

The children at Geraldine have been skyping us and talking to us about a painting they wanted to send to Manaia Kindergarten with their teacher Tracey. Geraldine Kindergarten took a bus trip around Geraldine to gather ideas for their painting and an artist came in to support them in their painting. As they worked on their painting Geraldine skyped us to show us their progress. They finished the painting last week and today Tracey visited Manaia Kindergarten presented the children of Manaia Kindergarten with their masterpiece.

Did you see the Four Peak Mountains? Do you remember the name of the river that runs through Geraldine? And all the children of Geraldine.

Julia's Trip to the Zoo

Julia narrates her story about a trip to the Zoo. After it's completion, Julia assessed her story by watching and listening to the movie she had created. Looking thoughtful, Julia eventually says "Hey, that's copying my words". Here are her words, as spoken by Julia...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Giant Swing

Today we placed a plank between two swings. This created a GIANT SWING. Instead of three friends swinging together - we could swing with almost 8 friends - and on the same swing. If we were not sitting close enough to hold onto the ropes we had to practice our balance and we were swung high and low. Many of the children had amazing upper body balance. Anya and Milly also tried something new. Check it out on our video!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Building Volcanes

We had a fantastic day in the sandpit yesterday building volcanoes! There were 4 huge volcanoes in the sandpit and everyone wanted to make them explode. Ari's Mum, Justine, took photos of the whole experience. And, together with his Mum, Ari created a movie to tell you all about it. So without further ado - Ari and Justine tell it all...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

having a hit!

We are practicing our fundamental movement skills. Today we were concentrating on the two handed strike using noodles as our hitting instruments. We blew up balloons (some of us had a lot of puff and some of us had none!) and Kim helped us to tie them up at different heights. We had turns at hitting the balloons and some of them even POPPED! We tried working with partners to hit the balloons backwards and forwards to each other. We will continue to focus on our fundamental movement skills in our play at Kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting their wings!

Today we began to learn about jumping as far as we can. We talked about the best way to jump and which way would get us the furthest. It is recommended that to jump for distance it is best to bend at the knees, push your arms out straight behind you and then spring forward. As you fly through the air, you need to push your arms and legs forward. It is safest then to land on both feet - remember to keep your balance. How far can you jump?

Maybe you can teach your parents at home!

Carpentry on the first day back!

The carpentry table was full on action today as the Manaia builders arrived back at Kindergarten. We even had 4 of our new children checking out the tools and equipment available. Excellent team work and communication skills as the builder worked alongside each other to build and create. The children experimented with drills, hammers, vices, pliers and saws and were excited by their results. Amazing persistence is required to saw through a piece of wood and children were proving this skill today! We look forward to watching the children working at the carpentry table more this term and seeing their skills develop further.