Thursday, December 18, 2008

Active Movement Accreditation - SILVER status

The super fit and healthy children, teachers and families at Manaia Kindergarten have been recognised for their efforts and today were awarded the SILVER active movement accreditation! Jaimee Claxton and Halle Barrett from Sport Northland have been working alongside our team for the past year or so on developing our policies and providing professional development for Teachers and information evenings and workshops for parents. Tania and Beverly were totally inspired by a two day fundamental movement skills workshop they attended last year and since then we have been even more focused on providing our Kindergarten children with a broad range of active movement. Children at Manaia were able to articulate to Jaimee today all of the ways they were active at Kindergarten and at home, we were VERY PROUD of their ideas and responses. They also knew our next goal - working towards GOLD! So, bring it on... 2009 the year Manaia Kindergarten achieve our gold accreditation. Thanks to Jaimee and Halle for their guidance and support.

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parua bay primary school said...

Well done all of you. I know this award isn't given out easily so it's even more special! Great work team!