Friday, December 19, 2008

Final Party 2008

Christmas 2008 - the plans had to change due to rotten weather on our booked beach and helicopter party Sunday. This did not deter us and TODAY the weather pulled out all the stops for our magnificent end of year party together at Kindergarten. There was brilliant sunshine, WATER, a sprinkler, and a waterslide, there were sausages, bread and cake. There were parents, friends and siblings. Sweets, presents (for the Kindergarten) and SANTA! It was hard to go home. What an amazing year it has been. Thank you to all the families who have joined in the community of learners, participated, contributed, and gone the extra mile. Have an awesome Christmas, and exuberant and safe holiday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Active Movement Accreditation - SILVER status

The super fit and healthy children, teachers and families at Manaia Kindergarten have been recognised for their efforts and today were awarded the SILVER active movement accreditation! Jaimee Claxton and Halle Barrett from Sport Northland have been working alongside our team for the past year or so on developing our policies and providing professional development for Teachers and information evenings and workshops for parents. Tania and Beverly were totally inspired by a two day fundamental movement skills workshop they attended last year and since then we have been even more focused on providing our Kindergarten children with a broad range of active movement. Children at Manaia were able to articulate to Jaimee today all of the ways they were active at Kindergarten and at home, we were VERY PROUD of their ideas and responses. They also knew our next goal - working towards GOLD! So, bring it on... 2009 the year Manaia Kindergarten achieve our gold accreditation. Thanks to Jaimee and Halle for their guidance and support.

Look at our Garden Grow!

Our tomatoes are growing bigger each day...

We have already reaped the benefits of our peas and enjoyed eating them straight from the pod at Kindergarten. There are a few left growing fatter...

Our flowers add great colour to our garden!

Our broccoli is slowing starting to grow..
We have taken great care of our garden and it has grown before our eyes! We have remembered to water it everyday and check how our plants are going. Our lettuce and spinach is also ready to eat and we look forward to enjoying it on Friday at our end of term party! I wonder if Santa will like lettuce? I bet his reindeer will...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flax Weaving together

A month ago I shared with the children my taonga, my flax kete, woven during a weekend workshop with Jo Samuel. The children were fascinated and began to make plans. They wanted to make flax bows - and were eager to teach me this skill.

Unfortunately it was raining - and flax can not be cut in the rain. This is Maori protocol. Cutting flax in the rain can damage the flax bush over time. So we waited for a time that was best for ourselves and the flax.

Today, with sunshine and enthusiasm - a group of us gathered around the flax. The small group saw the structure of the harakeke bush and were shown how its cut. The outer leaves of the flax fan are the ones we cut. The inner leaves are the pepe (baby) - cutting them cuts the life out of the flax bush.

We saw many examples of unhealthy leaves on our flax - an indication that not enough air is getting through the bushes (another working bee?)

Back inside the kindergarten our group grew and the children saw and experienced the grain of the fiber on the flax. We learnt and took turns splitting the leaves and preparing them for weaving. Olivia demonstrated flax bows. Then I demonstrated the weaving of the flax and creation of a putiputi (flower). Everyone was keen to get hands on experience.

Unfortunately we did not have enough time, healthy flax, or supporting adults today for the large and interested group of weavers. If you have knowledge and skills in this area - we would love your help and support.

Watch the slide show and marvel at the children's newly acquired skills.