Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh! How our garden grows

Click here to check out our kindergarten blog post in mid Oct about building our vegetable garden. We have planted broccoli, carrots, spring onions, lettuce, peas and much more. We have been watching and watering our vegetable plants - and the plants have been growing!! See how our garden has grown!!

The flowers are blooming and there are even tiny flowers on the vegetable plants... who knows - soon we might have a vegetable or two!!


Breakaway Retreat said...

I was very impressed with your vegetable garden today, everything has grown so quickly and all the plants look so healthy. Not a weed in sight! You are all great gardeners.

I was inspired so much by your vegetable garden that Niall and I spent the afternoon weeding our vegetable garden; unfortunately we have a few weeds in our one.

Did you know that Niall's favourite job is watering our vegetable garden? Niall loves to water everything, including his mummy sometimes!

I see Niall your lettuces and carrots are looking really good. I look forward to having a taste when they are fully grown.

Love Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara

Mark McDonagh said...

Wow Niall that's a great garden !! the vegies look great.

Uncle Mark

parua bay primary school said...

Another wonderful experience for the children. Well done everyone.

Cindy said...

Hello Kindergarten Friends,
What a LOVELY garden you have created! Maybe I missed it earlier, but what kind of vegies did you plant?

Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job there Niall, What lovely veggies, Fantastic,


Emily, Megan, Sam and Tilly Carter