Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monster Trucks at Manaia

Cars and trucks have become a real interest at Kindergarten. We have made roads for our cars and engineered all sorts of tracks and pipes that our cars can race through. We have new monster trucks at Kindergarten that have also been raced and enjoyed by all. We are extending our knowledge about cars and are trying to find out the names of the cars our family has. Today we tried out drawing monster trucks. We used a monster truck as a model and looked very carefully at all the details. Can you see the mag wheels we have drawn? Can you see the numbers we have written on the side of the cars? Can you see the steps up to the car? What amazing work at Kindergarten today!


Anonymous said...

woweeeee, what a amazing trucks and even more amazing art work. cannot wait to come in and see it all. You boys are so clever
love noah's mum x

markbarton said...

Fantastic drawings Noah! You look like you are really concentrating. I wish I could draw like. Super handwriting too!
Love Aunty Pip in England