Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Giant Swing

The swings were very popular today and there didn't seem to be enough swings for everyone who wanted a turn. I asked you if you remembered the giant swing we made along time ago. A few of you remembered, we headed off to the shed to find a long plank to put between our two blue swings. We had to make sure it was safe first and then we all climbed on! WOW so many people at once sure made the swing heavy to push. We had turns at pushing and sitting on the swing and others crowded round for their turn on the giant swing too. You held hands or held on to the plank so that you didn't swing off! I liked the way you sang as you swang! Have you seen the movie on our Manaia blog? It took a lot of concentration to get the giant swing swinging together. You needed to have your legs in time, swinging in and out at the same time. Well done everyone, we will get the giant swing up and working another day... Great team work!

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Megan said...

Hi I am Megan from room 3 at Te Awamutu intermediate. I think that swing is a great, really fun idea. eight people is a lot to fit on a swing! If you would like to visit my blog go to
Have fun swinging,
Megan :D