Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Disappearing Legs!

It all began with a big hole in the sand..... somebody sat in it and next minute they were covered up! No legs Noah we called him! Then everyone wanted a turn at the amazing disappearing legs trick! This called for major team work as we dug holes and had turns to bury each other. What a lot of fun we had - I wonder how many no legs children we could get at Kindergarten all at once! It would be a very full sandpit. I think we'd need a lot of helpers.


Breakaway Retreat said...

I can see lots and lots of happy faces, looks like you all had a great time being buried in the sand.

Did it feel nice and cool under the sand or did it feel hot and sticky? Was the sand itchy on your legs? Did you get lots of sand in your pockets?

Niall did you know that one of the first few words that you were able to say when you were learning to talk was "bury". Since you were about 1 you loved being buried in the sand like you are here. Everytime we went down to the beach you would say "bury, bury".

Love Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara.

Anonymous said...

It must run in our family too Noah - your dad got buried by aunty tracy when he was little and a big horse fly came and bit him on the arm and he was so stuck he could not get it off!!!! Good job you all look after each other so well at kindergarten

love mum