Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABBA at Manaia

It all started on the swings yesterday - Lucy and Milly singing as they were swinging "Super Trooper"... at the top of their voices! I know that your Mum's went to see "Mamma Mia" at the movies - it was an EXCELLENT movie. I guessed they had bought the CD or DVD and had obviously been playing it alot! You knew so many of the songs and the words and I enjoyed listening to you. Meg also came to join us and knew so many of the songs too. Today Wendy and I were thinking the same thing and both brought in our ABBA CD's for you. What a day we had singing and dancing together. I remember singing ABBA just like you when I was a little girl and I know that I learnt it from listening to my Mum's music too. WOW we sure have talent at Manaia Kindergarten.


parua bay primary school said...

That was fabulous girls!! You can imagine what we get to watch on a daily basis at home!! That made my day :-)

Ann said...

great work guys! I remember when these songs first came out and I was around 10. they make me feel the way you seem to feel about them. Fantastic creative interpretation - you are really flying!
Pukerua Bay Kindergarten

Kesia said...

Great singing and dancing guys!!!! You sound really good-you all sound like you know all the words.
Nice one girls

Leanne Ross said...

What amazing talent we have at Manaia Kindergarten - you girls rock!

Anonymous said...

What a joy to watch all the talent at Manaia Kindy. Can we expect to see 'Dancing Queen' or another great ABBA rendition at a end of year concert???

Sarah M.