Friday, November 28, 2008

Jumping for Distance

It all started with a group of children playing with the hoops... we decided to see how far we could jump between two hoops and when we succeeded we made the distance wider. More children joined in and we set up the hoops in a long row so we could practice our jumping for distance. We have to concentrate really hard to get our timing and rhythm right and to coordinate the movement of our arms and legs. This is all good practice for games we will learn later on, like hopscotch, jump rope and elastics. We will also use these skills when we do events such as long jump and triple jump. Tania and Beverly talked to us about landing safely, bending our ankles, knees and hips. We learnt to focus our eyes straight ahead, bend our knees, put our arms behind our backs and then to swing our arms forward and up as we jumped. We practised keeping both our feet together as we jumped and landing on both feet at the same time. There is so much to remember and learn when jumping - we will keep practising next week.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Disappearing Legs!

It all began with a big hole in the sand..... somebody sat in it and next minute they were covered up! No legs Noah we called him! Then everyone wanted a turn at the amazing disappearing legs trick! This called for major team work as we dug holes and had turns to bury each other. What a lot of fun we had - I wonder how many no legs children we could get at Kindergarten all at once! It would be a very full sandpit. I think we'd need a lot of helpers.

The Giant Swing

The swings were very popular today and there didn't seem to be enough swings for everyone who wanted a turn. I asked you if you remembered the giant swing we made along time ago. A few of you remembered, we headed off to the shed to find a long plank to put between our two blue swings. We had to make sure it was safe first and then we all climbed on! WOW so many people at once sure made the swing heavy to push. We had turns at pushing and sitting on the swing and others crowded round for their turn on the giant swing too. You held hands or held on to the plank so that you didn't swing off! I liked the way you sang as you swang! Have you seen the movie on our Manaia blog? It took a lot of concentration to get the giant swing swinging together. You needed to have your legs in time, swinging in and out at the same time. Well done everyone, we will get the giant swing up and working another day... Great team work!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ideas on Cars

As you may have guessed already - Cars are being explored by many of the children at Manaia Kindergarten. Today children recorded their knowledge of cars which will be saved onto their individual DVDs. Below is a snapshot of these interviews.

These interviews were conducted using our new FlipCams. We have discovered that FlipCams have good movie editing software which you can see from the movie above. Click HERE for more info on Flipcams

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh! How our garden grows

Click here to check out our kindergarten blog post in mid Oct about building our vegetable garden. We have planted broccoli, carrots, spring onions, lettuce, peas and much more. We have been watching and watering our vegetable plants - and the plants have been growing!! See how our garden has grown!!

The flowers are blooming and there are even tiny flowers on the vegetable plants... who knows - soon we might have a vegetable or two!!

Finley and the Monster Truck

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABBA at Manaia

It all started on the swings yesterday - Lucy and Milly singing as they were swinging "Super Trooper"... at the top of their voices! I know that your Mum's went to see "Mamma Mia" at the movies - it was an EXCELLENT movie. I guessed they had bought the CD or DVD and had obviously been playing it alot! You knew so many of the songs and the words and I enjoyed listening to you. Meg also came to join us and knew so many of the songs too. Today Wendy and I were thinking the same thing and both brought in our ABBA CD's for you. What a day we had singing and dancing together. I remember singing ABBA just like you when I was a little girl and I know that I learnt it from listening to my Mum's music too. WOW we sure have talent at Manaia Kindergarten.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sand and Water Exploration

We are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather and the opportunities this provides for lots of exploring and experimenting with sand and water. We are learning math and science concepts as we play, we are developing our fine and gross motor skills and we are using all of our senses. We are working together and co-operating and engaging in lots of team work and socialisation. We are using our imaginations and are involved in dramatic play. Most importantly we are HAVING FUN!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Megs day at Adventure Forest

Yesterday, Meg took Ekko home and she went with her family and Ekko to the new Adventure Forest in Whangarei. Meg was a little disappointed that she could not quite reach the 1.5 metres up to clip herself onto the ropes - which meant that this time she had a watching role. Meg certainly enjoyed taking photos of her family on the aerial circuits. This was such an exciting time that Meg decided to share her story of her adventures through this movie.

You can find out more about the Adventure Forest in Whangarei at

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monster Trucks at Manaia

Cars and trucks have become a real interest at Kindergarten. We have made roads for our cars and engineered all sorts of tracks and pipes that our cars can race through. We have new monster trucks at Kindergarten that have also been raced and enjoyed by all. We are extending our knowledge about cars and are trying to find out the names of the cars our family has. Today we tried out drawing monster trucks. We used a monster truck as a model and looked very carefully at all the details. Can you see the mag wheels we have drawn? Can you see the numbers we have written on the side of the cars? Can you see the steps up to the car? What amazing work at Kindergarten today!

Elliott persisting at the monkey bars..

"Tania, Tania I can do the monkey bars, I have lots of energy" you called out to me Elliott. I went to get the camera to make a movie of you in action and take some photos. You tried and tried but couldn't get right across again. You had obviously used all of your energy getting across the first time! I am impressed that you kept trying though! Keep practising Elliott and very soon you will be able to make it across everyday! I took the photos and videoed you with the camera and everytime you had finished you wanted to see what photos I had taken and look at the movie. "Let's make a movie" you said to me. That's exactly what we have done Elliott. Together we made this movie and now it is on the blog for everyone to see!

Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 Cross Country

The Cross Country movie has been a very long time coming! Our apologies - we were back to dial up speed after exceeding our broadband plan for the month! Impossible to work with a blog at dial up speed!

THANKS HEAPS to all our supportive parents and whanau for joining us for our annual cross country at Parua Bay School. The children had trained hard and eagerly awaited the event after its postponement due to wet weather last term. It was great to finally put all that training into action. What amazingly fit children we have at Manaia - all of them enjoying the competition! Next year there will definately need to be a parents race! We look forward to your comments.