Friday, October 10, 2008

ULearn08 Conference and Presentation

What an amazing experience ULearn08 has been! It has been fantastic to catch up with ECE teachers on this project again. Our e-lationships have been deepened to true friendships. The encouragement shown between the teachers for the numerous breakout presentations has been amazing. We certainly felt hugely supported for our keynote presentation which was part of the finale at conference. Our nerves built up as we considered people's reactions to our message. As representatives for ECE it was a huge honour and challenge to showcase what is happening with ICT in our kindergarten as well as highlighting what is happening in ECE across the board. Our knees shook, our throats went dry, and the time arrived. It was great to see many ECE friends out in the audience supporting - and away we went. It was over in a flash - and the message was out. We had wonderful feedback from all sectors - many of whom conveyed this reaction - "wow - if ECE children are getting that skilled in ICT we in the other sectors are going to have to keep up and fast."


Linda said...

Hi. I was lucky to be in the audience to hear Tania and Bev share the fantastic ways that you are using ICT in your Manaia Kindergarten community. The presentation was both inspiring and challenging for teachers. Well done for doing the ECE sector proud Tania and Bev, and to all of you at Manaia! from Linda

Margaret said...

As part of the ECE ICT PL Project we felt really proud of you and the message you shared with the others at ULearn. You did a fantastic job! We also felt you should have been the Keynote at the beginning of the conference to provoke those people attending from the other education sectors to think about what they have to do to extend the learning already happening through ICT's for our children in the ECE sector! We think it may have impacted on their thoughts throughout the conference. Well done guys what great ambassadors for ECE you are.
Margaret and Chris at Greenhithe Kindergarten.