Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Room 6 Whangarei Heads School Visits Manaia Kindergarten

We were very excited when we found out 8 children from Whangarei Heads School and their two teachers, Mrs Humphries and Mrs Bidois were coming to visit us today. They arrived just in time to sit down and have morning tea with us. After they had all finished and had an explore around Kindergarten we had a mat time together. The school children joined in with our singing and dancing and then we sat down to have a look at their new class blog on the projector. WOW how exciting - now they have a class blog too! We will be able to keep an eye on what they are learning at school and they can look back and see what is happening with our learning at Kindergarten. Mrs Humphries talked to us about a special book and DVD they had made together on starting school at Whangarei Heads. Mrs Humphries showed us the book, the pictures they had taken, and read us some of the story. It will be a great book to keep on our Kindergarten book shelf. We will know all about starting school and what to expect when we get there. Thanks heaps to Room 6, Mrs Humphries and Mrs Bidois for coming to visit us at Manaia Kindergarten.

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