Monday, October 20, 2008

Police Officer Belinda Visits - MAKE IT CLICK!

Today we were lucky enough to have Police Officer Belinda come to Kindergarten in her Police Car. Belinda came to talk to us about wearing our seatbelts and to check that we all "made it click" when we traveled in the car. Belinda read us a story about a car that wouldn't go because the people inside hadn't clicked their seatbelts. We learnt how important it is to ALWAYS wear your seatbelt and to be sitting in a carseat or booster seat until we are really tall! We went out to have a look at Belinda's Police Car and to have turns at showing Belinda how we "make it click" in her booster seat. Check out the photos...


Anonymous said...

It was fun turning on the sirens! I wish I could do that again.
From Lucy

Anonymous said...

When we go in the car Meg, you talk about the police officer coming to visit you at Kindy, sitting in the police car and how you need to hear the seatbelt going 'click'.
There is a song that Rm 1 sung at the school assembly about wearing seatbelts. It was to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We try to sing it together sometimes but get stuck remembering all of the words.

Sarah (Meg's Mum)