Friday, October 17, 2008

Kidpix in Action

After a great week learning about our new Big Mac we introduced the Wacom Bamboo Board and Pen.
This along with KidPix has been a fantastic learning tool today... a skill that has been picked up easily by the children of Manaia Kindergarten. After just a few minutes they were teaching their friends and when parents arrived at the end of the day - they too were being taught. Today it has been all about the process - and there were some pictures the children wanted to save (that is they did not want to wash them away with the digital water pump). Check out the learning, experimenting, and teaching...


Mrs. Cassidy's Class said...

We like the pictures you made on KidPix. We use KidPix, too, but we don't have a board to draw on, we just use our mouse.

parua bay primary school said...

Well done everyone. Milly likes to play on kid pix at home too. Check out the animation tool.