Monday, October 20, 2008

Building our Garden

Thanks to Scott for carting planks and soil and motiviating the children to create our very first large 'proper' vegetable garden. The children helped to place the planks into a rectangle, screw the planks together, nail some support, load the soil and full the garden with compost and soil - ready for our seeds and seedlings. It was a hot day, with hard work - we can't wait for all the vegetables to start growing - and then for the day we are able to taste our own kindergarten grown food.


Treehouse Dwellers said...

What an awesome garden everyone helped to build. Can't wait for all the great plants and vegetables to start growing. Hopefully we will have a taste from our vegetable garden before the end of the year - if we remember to water the garden regularly.

Anonymous said...


It is great to see that you have started a veg garden, did Poi help you or did she sit and watch you all work hard. It looks a cool garden.

Lots of love
Maddy & Ellinor