Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Room 6 Whangarei Heads School Visits Manaia Kindergarten

We were very excited when we found out 8 children from Whangarei Heads School and their two teachers, Mrs Humphries and Mrs Bidois were coming to visit us today. They arrived just in time to sit down and have morning tea with us. After they had all finished and had an explore around Kindergarten we had a mat time together. The school children joined in with our singing and dancing and then we sat down to have a look at their new class blog on the projector. WOW how exciting - now they have a class blog too! We will be able to keep an eye on what they are learning at school and they can look back and see what is happening with our learning at Kindergarten. Mrs Humphries talked to us about a special book and DVD they had made together on starting school at Whangarei Heads. Mrs Humphries showed us the book, the pictures they had taken, and read us some of the story. It will be a great book to keep on our Kindergarten book shelf. We will know all about starting school and what to expect when we get there. Thanks heaps to Room 6, Mrs Humphries and Mrs Bidois for coming to visit us at Manaia Kindergarten.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whangarei Heads and Parua Bay Primary - and their Blogs

After leaving Manaia Kindergarten, our children most often attend one of two schools on the Whangarei Heads. Our closest school geographically is Parua Bay Primary. Their older children have a blog that informs their families and the community about the great things they are learning. You can find them at www.paruabayschool.blogspot.com This friday we will be visiting Parua Bay Primary and watching the new entrant class contribution to assembly.

Whangarei Heads Primary - Later this same friday we are having a visit from the new entrant class at Whangarei Heads Primary. WHP is further down the road from us - however we continue to build our relationship up with them through visits from them and trips on buses from Manaia Kindergarten children. AND Mrs Bidois and Mrs Humphries and the children in their new entrant class have set up their own blog. We look forward to keeping up with their news, learning, skills and excitement and sharing our learning together online. Check out their new blog at - www.roomsixwhangareiheadsschool.blogspot.com

Monday, October 20, 2008

Police Officer Belinda Visits - MAKE IT CLICK!

Today we were lucky enough to have Police Officer Belinda come to Kindergarten in her Police Car. Belinda came to talk to us about wearing our seatbelts and to check that we all "made it click" when we traveled in the car. Belinda read us a story about a car that wouldn't go because the people inside hadn't clicked their seatbelts. We learnt how important it is to ALWAYS wear your seatbelt and to be sitting in a carseat or booster seat until we are really tall! We went out to have a look at Belinda's Police Car and to have turns at showing Belinda how we "make it click" in her booster seat. Check out the photos...

Building our Garden

Thanks to Scott for carting planks and soil and motiviating the children to create our very first large 'proper' vegetable garden. The children helped to place the planks into a rectangle, screw the planks together, nail some support, load the soil and full the garden with compost and soil - ready for our seeds and seedlings. It was a hot day, with hard work - we can't wait for all the vegetables to start growing - and then for the day we are able to taste our own kindergarten grown food.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kidpix in Action

After a great week learning about our new Big Mac we introduced the Wacom Bamboo Board and Pen.
This along with KidPix has been a fantastic learning tool today... a skill that has been picked up easily by the children of Manaia Kindergarten. After just a few minutes they were teaching their friends and when parents arrived at the end of the day - they too were being taught. Today it has been all about the process - and there were some pictures the children wanted to save (that is they did not want to wash them away with the digital water pump). Check out the learning, experimenting, and teaching...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mac Mania at Manaia

What fun we had today exploring what our new apple mac is capable of.. we experimented with photo booth and had a real laugh creating strange and wacky faces! There are lots of different effects to choose from and each one makes our face look totally different! We have learnt how to change the different effects and then how to take the photo. All we need to do is click on the camera, watch the numbers count backwards, 3,2, 1 and then smile for the camera... I imagine we are going to have heaps of fun with this programme and I look forward to a wall display of all our very strange faces!!! What an excellent way of learning as a team and then being able to share our new skills with others.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Poi and Jakob back from holidays

We are all back from wonderful holidays. Jakob is first to tell his story about Poi's visit with him over the last two weeks.

This is the last Poi Movie we will be posting on this blog. Poi now has his own blog. Make sure you keep checking Poi's blog to see whose house she is visiting and what adventures she is having...

Friday, October 10, 2008

ULearn08 Conference and Presentation

What an amazing experience ULearn08 has been! It has been fantastic to catch up with ECE teachers on this project again. Our e-lationships have been deepened to true friendships. The encouragement shown between the teachers for the numerous breakout presentations has been amazing. We certainly felt hugely supported for our keynote presentation which was part of the finale at conference. Our nerves built up as we considered people's reactions to our message. As representatives for ECE it was a huge honour and challenge to showcase what is happening with ICT in our kindergarten as well as highlighting what is happening in ECE across the board. Our knees shook, our throats went dry, and the time arrived. It was great to see many ECE friends out in the audience supporting - and away we went. It was over in a flash - and the message was out. We had wonderful feedback from all sectors - many of whom conveyed this reaction - "wow - if ECE children are getting that skilled in ICT we in the other sectors are going to have to keep up and fast."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pinocchio - At Ulearn

After a fantastic holiday to Italy (see my blog), I am at the ULearn08 Conference in Christchurch with Tania. My preconference workshop has taught me how to use "I Can Animate" - a fantastic programme we will all explore further in the new term.  Here is a taste of Italy, and the animation I created with Shayne from Greenwood Kindergarten.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Tamariki in Action - Our CONCERT!

A much anticipated event - our end of term concert. We had thoroughly enjoyed our time on stage at Parua Bay's Talent Quest and decided we needed more. The children discussed the songs they would like to sing and the dances they wanted to share - a huge list was created.... The invites were organised, the excitement was building... The day finally arrived - we worked together to set up our stage with seats for our audience, WOW what a turn out. We danced and sang our hearts out for our friends, family and whanau. A special thanks to everyone who came along to watch and a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Wendy and Eleanor our amazing relievers. We enjoyed a shared lunch afterwards to farewell Wendy from Manaia Kindergarten.

We hope you are all enjoying your holidays. We are now in Christchurch and FREEZING! A wee bit colder than the North. We are looking forward to sharing our learning and inspiring others with the amazing abilities of the children at Manaia Kindergarten.