Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meet Poi - our new friend at Kindergarten

It was Madeline's last day at Manaia Kindergarten and her family wanted to buy us all something special. We talked about what we needed and thought another "take home friend" would be great. Ekko is in great demand and it's a long time to wait to have a turn... Now we have Ekko and Poi the Panda to have turns at going home to our houses. Poi the Panda spent her first weekend at Madeline's house to celebrate Madeline's 5th birthday party. How lucky! Check out the movie of all the fun Poi had. THANKS HEAPS to the Whittam family for bringing Poi along to our Kindergarten. We will take extra special care of her. Good Luck at school Madeline.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have enjoyed your first week at school Maddie - we miss your happy face at Kindy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Madeline for a great friend for Kindergarten. Hope your first day at school went well and that you enjoyed your first week. Poi will be much loved.
Cheers Beverly