Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last Blog Post for Term 3 08

What an amazing term it has been. Term 3 saw the brief introduction of our new teacher, Dee Myhre before she set off on her big adventure to Europe. We have been lucky enough to have Wendy Small as our reliever extraordinaire. Wendy has become a valuable part of our teaching team and our Manaia Kindergarten family and we will miss her heaps! Our amazing blogging ripple as spread far and wide and with Beverly's family spending time in Tuscany, Italy, blogging, it was all too much for Beverly! Seeing their photos and reading their stories of life in Italy was just too good an opportunity to miss - not to mention it was her Father's 70th Birthday. Off Beverly went on her adventure to the UK and Italy. In comes Eleanor - Eleanor is simply amazing. Our valued and reliable reliever throughout the year steps up yet again to join us. Tracey, like Eleanor, continues to step back in when needed, fitting us in alongside her family life and studies to be a midwife! Beverly and I absolutely appreciate that we have incredible relievers who are such a part of our Kindergarten team.

It's been an incredible term - will definitely be remembered for the rain and mud! (Was absolutely wonderful to actually PLAY on the grass today!) We have welcomed new children and their families and enjoyed an incredible amount of learning together. Thanks so much to all of our supportive families and friends. A special thanks also to our families and friends far and wide who keep in constant touch through our blog. Your comments are truly valued and inspirational to the children and team at Manaia Kindergarten.

During the holidays I will work on getting our concert movie and photos on the blog so keep an eye out... Wish us luck for our presentation at "Celebrating Northland's Tamariki" conference and for our keynote presentation at ULearn08 in Christchurch. Enjoy your holidays.
The Manaia Team


Treehouse Dwellers said...

Have a great holiday everyone. Enjoy the concert and take lots of photos and movies to share. Eleanor - have a well deserved restful break. Thanks so much for relieving in my absense - it helped make this whole trip easier knowing we has someone so wonderful to fill the gaps and some. I am now back in London with my entire family and we celebrate my fathers 70th together on the Thames. Will put a few photos up tonight if possible. See you all next term.

Madeline & Ellinor said...


We would also like to THANK Eleanor and Wendy along with Tania & Beverly for there full support with making Madeline's time at Kindy a very enjoyable experience

Angela & Darren

Suzie Buckland said...

Thank you Tania and Beverly for an awesome presentation today at the Celebrating Northland's Tamariki Conference. Well done Beverly for managing to do an excellent job even though you were jet lagged! I couldn't have managed a single sentence let alone a whole presentation!
I am inspired to go back to my centre on Monday and try my best to convince mt boss to let us introduce more ICT into our centre ESPECIALLY my group 2 and 3 year olds!
Thank you once more,

Jody Hayes said...

Best wishes for your keynote presentation - I love checking in and reading what is happening with your tamariki.