Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have you heard???

Guess what these children are working on??? Invitations for a very special event! On Friday we are planning to have a Manaia Kindergarten Concert, followed by a shared lunch to farewell Wendy, our VERY SPECIAL Teacher. Have you got your invitation? The children have been thinking hard about what they would like to perform at the concert. We came up with lots of different ideas today and then decided to make the invitations. The words for the invitation were all decided on by the children and made by a team of Daniel, Milly, Lucy, Freya, Holly and Noah. We will practise for our concert this week and look forward to sharing our songs and dances with you all on Friday. Come along and see us in action and farewell Wendy with us.


Amanda and Josh Askew said...

We loved your invitation Holly, thanks for making it for us. We can't wait to see you and all the children at Manaia Kindergarten in the concert on Friday. Love Mum, Dad and Finn.

Treehouse Dwellers said...

What a great event that will be. Are you going to put a picture of the invite onto the blog. What a great teacher and friend Wendy has been for the children at manaia kindergarten. Wendy - it has been great working with you and whatever kindergarten you end up staying at, will be very priviledged. Don't forget to pop in heaps whenever you can.
Sorry to miss your party. Will be there in heart.

parua bay primary school said...

What wonderful invites! Room nine would love to attend your concert thank you. We will see you tomorrow at 11.45.
Lynfa and Room 9