Friday, September 12, 2008

Glorious Mud!

What a lot of fun we had today at Kindergarten! Check out the movie below to see...


parua bay primary school said...

You guys get to do the coolest things at kindy!!! Next time you are playing in the mud can you ring and invite me? I will probably only squish it between my toes I'm not to0 sure about the whole body mud bath! Great fun!!

Anonymous said...

Mud glorious mud! I love how you were all so careful when you first went outside, holding your pants up so you didn't get wet and then you all became mud monsters!

What fun you all had, it was so neat to watch.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome day we had in the mud - I really should have joined you all!! I see that today (friday) was a hot day - hope there were no thunderstorms and that the wet grass is drying. Have a great time during the end of term and get that sun shining. Will send some pics of my trip - I'm hoping England doesn't looked like our playground that day!

Anonymous said...

my mum wants to know if anyone has shares in persil?

Anonymous said...

I loved the mud it was great fun. My mum said my clothes could have walked home on their own

Breakaway Retreat said...

What a wonderful morning you all had at Kindergarten playing in the mud. It looks like you all had great fun. I've never seen that much water and mud at kindergarten.

Niall I liked the way you rolled up your trousers at first then slowly but surely the trousers were forgotten about and you were off having fun getting covered in mud.

Lots of love
Mum, Dad, Liam and Ceara.

Greenhithe Kindergarten said...

We really enjoyed seeing how much fun you had in the mud! That looked so cool and mucky.
Greenhithe Kindergarten