Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Most Popular Dance at Kindergarten!

The Gorilla Dance seems to be the absolute favourite at Manaia Kindergarten at the moment. Every day The Gorilla Dance is requested for mat time and during the session. Holly has been visiting with her Mum and baby brother getting to know us ready for when she starts at Kindergarten very soon. Obviously Holly has really enjoyed The Gorilla Dance too! At mat time today when The Gorilla Dance was playing, Holly whispered that she would like a turn. Luckily Beverly gave in to the "lets do it agains" and Holly got to stand in the middle and be the first Gorilla in the Zoo. How brave Holly! After mat time Holly requested The Gorilla Dance again and again and again. There were other children happy to join in. Here are some photos of Holly in action on her visit at Manaia Kindergarten. We will have to work on getting the children to sing the song for our blog!


Amanda and Josh Askew said...

Fantastic Holly it is great to see you having such a good time during your visit to kindy. Love Mum, Dad and Finn.

Breakaway Retreat said...

Hi Holly.

Looks like you have made lots of new friends on your visit to Kindergarten. It was very brave of you being the first Gorilla in the Zoo. The Gorilla Dance is also Niall's favourite dance. He was very happy that you picked him to dance with you.

I'm sure you will have lots more chances to be the Gorilla in the Zoo when you start Kindergarten.

Sheelagh & Niall

Cindy said...

The Gorilla dance sounds interesting. Where did it all start? Is is something you made up? Or something from a song? Looks like fun! ;-) I love to dance. I think we'll add "Dance Fridays" to our list of things we MUST DO this coming school year. We had a few last year and we had tons of fun! The rules were simple... everyone MUST dance! ;-)


Anonymous said...

OOOH Please show me a movie of the Gorilla Dance! Or can you show me when Ann and I visit on Monday please.
Thanks from Naketa

Cindy said...

I agree with Naketa. We would all love to see a movie of the Gorilla Dance! ;-)

Fleur Nicholas said...

Great dancing Holly! You will have to teach us the Gorilla Dance next time we see you. Looks like your new kindy will be lots of fun. Hope to see some more photos of you when you start.

Say hi to your little brother Finn.

Love your Wellington cousins

Julia and Isabel xoxo

room10sfx school said...

Hi to you all! We love your blog and think the gorilla dance looks like great fun. Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a lovely comment. We are loving blogging and just like you, we love to get new comments.

carol marley said...

Hello Emily,

It's lovely to see your photo doing dancing. Lily and Penny were sad they didn't come to nz this time to see you, I really enjoyed seeing you while I stayed at nanas. I especially liked taking you to nursery one morning.

Love from Auntie Carol, and your cousins Lily(7)& Penny (5)