Monday, August 4, 2008

Jonathan Conquers the Bridge

Today Jonathan Conquered the Net Bridge. Jonathan you were very couragous. First we walked up the plank onto the small box. You were happy to stand there for a while and you were not too sure about going any higher. So we just sat on the higher box until you were ready to pull yourself up. We looked at the things we could see from the high box as you stood there holding my hand. We could see the tops of children's heads, we were higher than the monkey bars, and we could see the top of our new bridge. I said to you that maybe we could try the bridge the next day, but after standing up there for a while, you decided you were ready to try it today. I stood in front of you and held your hands and slowly we made our way across. You were very pleased with yourself when you reached the other end. Later on in the day you were ready to give the bridge another go with Tania. We brought out the video camera for you to share your experience with your Mum and Dad and friends at school. Wow Jonathan - you went across the bridge twice with Tania and the second time you went across all by yourself. You were so happy you jumped off the boxes one by one and then ran and jumped confidently into the sandpit. What great climbing Johnathan!


Cindy said...

Way to go Johnathan! I am clapping and cheering for you here! What a brave and determined boy you are!
Hip-Hip Hooray!


Leanne Ross said...

Way to go Jonathan - you should be very proud of yourself.


parua bay primary school said...

Great work Jonathan. I bet that made you feel fantastic!! Well done buddy.