Monday, August 25, 2008

"I love my Dad coming to Kindergarten..."

It was great to be back at Kindergarten after spending Thursday and Friday in Auckland on our continued learning journey. What fun everyone had while we were away working hard!! We hear there was a special visit from Mary - the baby lamb and we had lots of children tell us about the medals they had made.... we talked some more and found out Gary (Maz's Dad) had spent the morning at Kindergarten inspiring the children of Manaia Kindergarten to become Olympic Athletes! The children created and designed medals and wore them proudly around their necks. The photos told the story - busy children and a dedicated Dad helping and encouraging them in their work. Check out the photos and listen to Maz talking so proudly about his Dad. Listen carefully as he only talks to some photos...

We are so lucky that we have many Dad's at Manaia who play a huge part in their children's education.

Keep a look out for the upcoming movie of Mary the Lamb visiting Kindergarten!

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

Maz - It is great to hear you and the children at Manaia had such a fantastic time making medals with your Dad. What an awesome day it must have been for you. Sorry we missed it.