Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Frosty Day at Manaia

This is for you - Cindy (see Cindy's comment on a previous Manaia Kindergarten post).

It was a COLD morning at Manaia Kindergarten on Monday. The ground was white. The tops of the boxes were white. The sandpit crunched under our feet. We found a thermometer and over the morning the temperature went down to C2 Degrees . We were able to make shapes in the 'snow' - like 'snow' angels, and 'snow'men. We even threw 'snow' balls.

BUT - by noon - Wow!! Have a look at the movie for our fantastic fun in the cold.

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Cindy said...

Hello Friends,
Your video really made me smile, Actually, laugh out loud! ;-) I love that you were able to pull together enough "snow" to make snowmen. Can you find -18 degrees on your thermometer? That's our ZERO (I think) and it's pretty cold for us. But it can get even colder as low as -23 on your thermometer. Sometimes it's so cold the tip of your fingers and nose can freeze. (Seriously!) On those days they will usually close the schools. I'll be sure to send you photos of our snowmen when we're having winter here. It'll be the only part of winter that I will look forward to! ;-) (I am not a fan of the cold weather!)
Thanks so much for sharing and making me smile! ;-)