Saturday, August 16, 2008

Face Painting Fun

WOW Look at our faces! Today we were lucky enough to have two Face Painter Extroadanaire's at Manaia Kindergarten! Bella and Lisa (Ruben and Lucy's Mums) came to share their amazing skills with us. They were busy for the whole morning creating butterflies, tigers, puppy dogs, sunsets, fairies and flower designs. It was a great exercise in using our turn taking skills and patience. What fantastic faces we ended our day with. I wonder if all of the parents knew which child to take home with them! Thanks so much to Bella and Lisa for spending the morning with us! We appreciate your huge effort.


Leanne Ross said...

Wow - you guys all look amazing. What an awesome effort Bella & Lisa.

Mark McDonagh said...

Hi Niall,

you look like a really friendly tiger !!

I hope you enjoyed your day !!

Uncle Mark

Cindy said...

What amazing painted faces you have here! If I had my face painted that nicely, I don't think I'd want to wash it for a week! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Bella and I had so much fun with you all on friday morning,everyone waited so patiently and it was great to see your reactions when you looked in the mirror. Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful faces you all had!! Thankyou to all the childen, you were so patient and sat so still when it was your turn. We look forward to the next time we visit together to face paint, and maybe next Tanya will let us paint her face as well!!! See you soon
XX Bella XX