Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mary IS a little lamb

wow - Mary followed Jack to school one day - and we were all delighted!
Thanks to Jack's family for sharing this awesome experience.

Joshua's Fiji Holiday

Thanks for bringing in your Fiji photos to share with us Joshua. How lucky you were to fly to the sunshine and enjoying swimming and snorkelling in Fiji. You were very keen to put your photos into a movie for the blog.... I know your family and friends will enjoy listening to your story. Great movie making Joshua.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Introducing Ekko

With the departure of Nutkin to Bali, and the arrival of Ekko from Indonesia we have begun a new blog and new adventures with the Orangutan. Check out the adventures of Ekko at Manaia. I'm sure Ekko will be visiting your home soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

"I love my Dad coming to Kindergarten..."

It was great to be back at Kindergarten after spending Thursday and Friday in Auckland on our continued learning journey. What fun everyone had while we were away working hard!! We hear there was a special visit from Mary - the baby lamb and we had lots of children tell us about the medals they had made.... we talked some more and found out Gary (Maz's Dad) had spent the morning at Kindergarten inspiring the children of Manaia Kindergarten to become Olympic Athletes! The children created and designed medals and wore them proudly around their necks. The photos told the story - busy children and a dedicated Dad helping and encouraging them in their work. Check out the photos and listen to Maz talking so proudly about his Dad. Listen carefully as he only talks to some photos...

We are so lucky that we have many Dad's at Manaia who play a huge part in their children's education.

Keep a look out for the upcoming movie of Mary the Lamb visiting Kindergarten!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pizza Extravaganza

An afternoon of pizza was planned to bring families together and as an opportunity for families to meet our new relieving teacher - Wendy. The idea blossomed and everyone was looking forward to a day of pizza. We saw Mathew's Blog Post (Beverly's nephew) and his Mum's about pizza making in Italy - how to make dough balls, how to knead the dough, and how to smother it with topping. We had a fantastic morning doing just that - chopping, dough making, kneading, flipping, grating, cooking and best of all - eating...

If you want an Italian desert - check out the Tuscan Dessert Lasanga

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Face Painting Fun

WOW Look at our faces! Today we were lucky enough to have two Face Painter Extroadanaire's at Manaia Kindergarten! Bella and Lisa (Ruben and Lucy's Mums) came to share their amazing skills with us. They were busy for the whole morning creating butterflies, tigers, puppy dogs, sunsets, fairies and flower designs. It was a great exercise in using our turn taking skills and patience. What fantastic faces we ended our day with. I wonder if all of the parents knew which child to take home with them! Thanks so much to Bella and Lisa for spending the morning with us! We appreciate your huge effort.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Frosty Day at Manaia

This is for you - Cindy (see Cindy's comment on a previous Manaia Kindergarten post).

It was a COLD morning at Manaia Kindergarten on Monday. The ground was white. The tops of the boxes were white. The sandpit crunched under our feet. We found a thermometer and over the morning the temperature went down to C2 Degrees . We were able to make shapes in the 'snow' - like 'snow' angels, and 'snow'men. We even threw 'snow' balls.

BUT - by noon - Wow!! Have a look at the movie for our fantastic fun in the cold.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Most Popular Dance at Kindergarten!

The Gorilla Dance seems to be the absolute favourite at Manaia Kindergarten at the moment. Every day The Gorilla Dance is requested for mat time and during the session. Holly has been visiting with her Mum and baby brother getting to know us ready for when she starts at Kindergarten very soon. Obviously Holly has really enjoyed The Gorilla Dance too! At mat time today when The Gorilla Dance was playing, Holly whispered that she would like a turn. Luckily Beverly gave in to the "lets do it agains" and Holly got to stand in the middle and be the first Gorilla in the Zoo. How brave Holly! After mat time Holly requested The Gorilla Dance again and again and again. There were other children happy to join in. Here are some photos of Holly in action on her visit at Manaia Kindergarten. We will have to work on getting the children to sing the song for our blog!

Working with Numbers

Monday, August 11, 2008

Madeline's Weekend

Last week at Kindergarten Madeline had comments on the blog from her cousins in England. Adam asked Madeline to draw her a picture at Kindergarten. Madeline set herself a goal to do this and worked hard at Kindergarten on drawing a picture and making an envelope to send to Adam and then also a letter for Grandma and Grandad. I talked to Angela (Madeline's Mum) and asked if she could take photos of Madeline posting her letters to Adam and Grandma and Granddad. Angela took the digital camera home and has put together a movie using PhotoStory 3 for our Kindergarten blog. Thanks Angela - we really appreciate you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

"Look - I can do all the monkey bars"

When Chloe arrived at Kindergarten today - she told me that she could do three rungs on the monkey bars. We took some photos and a video so that we could look back on this day when she was able to do all the monkey bars...

It didn't take long - by the end of session, Chloe came back to me and said "Look - I can do all the monkey bars now!". Wow Chloe - you worked hard all day practicing the monkey bars and NOW look at you...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A show for Richard

Richard Storey is our new General Manager at the Northland Kindergarten Association. Richard and the awesome team at the Northland Kindergarten Association have made many amazing changes to the Asssociation in the last few months and we really appreciate the huge effort they have put in. We are absolutely LOVING having a third teacher at Manaia and enjoying the valuable time we are able to spend with individuals and small groups of children concentrating on learning together. Today Richard popped out for a social visit and was lucky enough to have Madeline and Milly put on a show for him. Richard enjoyed their rendition of "Poi E", a definate favourite of Manaia children - look at our kindergarten blog post about when we made our Poi.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Manaia Kindergarten and Our Mountain

This is our Kindergarten Portrait. During Manaia Kindergarten's bus trip we lunched at the base of our Mountain - Mt Manaia.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jonathan Conquers the Bridge

Today Jonathan Conquered the Net Bridge. Jonathan you were very couragous. First we walked up the plank onto the small box. You were happy to stand there for a while and you were not too sure about going any higher. So we just sat on the higher box until you were ready to pull yourself up. We looked at the things we could see from the high box as you stood there holding my hand. We could see the tops of children's heads, we were higher than the monkey bars, and we could see the top of our new bridge. I said to you that maybe we could try the bridge the next day, but after standing up there for a while, you decided you were ready to try it today. I stood in front of you and held your hands and slowly we made our way across. You were very pleased with yourself when you reached the other end. Later on in the day you were ready to give the bridge another go with Tania. We brought out the video camera for you to share your experience with your Mum and Dad and friends at school. Wow Jonathan - you went across the bridge twice with Tania and the second time you went across all by yourself. You were so happy you jumped off the boxes one by one and then ran and jumped confidently into the sandpit. What great climbing Johnathan!