Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Visited the Dental Nurse

On our first day back at Kindergarten this term, we visited the Dental Nurse. We went to check out the clinic and see what happens at the Dentist. We sat in the waiting room and then quietly went into the clinic. Anya, Olivia, Nellie and Noah all choose to sit in the dentist chair. When you visit the Dental Nurse you will get to wear a cool pair of glasses. These protect your eyes from the bright light that she shines on your teeth. The Dental Nurse uses a small mirror and as scraper to check your teeth. She said that we should brush our teeth twice a day - before we go to bed and after we have eaten our breakfast. We should use as much toothpaste as the size of a pea. When we have finished brushing our teeth we should either spit or swallow our tooth paste - but not rinse because we need all the flouride we can get in Northland (as we don't have any in our water). She also suggested that we let an adult clean our teeth once a day so they can get all the nitty gritty food out from the back and behind our teeth. We were so lucky after our visit to the Dental Nurse - she gave us all a stamp (motorbike or butterfly) and a sticker.

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