Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Bars

When we arrived back at Kindergarten after the holidays we had a surprise waiting. A spin bar, parallel bars, and a new stage! We were eager to try it all out. We took photos and Zoe said "We could put the photos on the blog for Cindy!". Then we had a week of torrential rain and wind - storms became the topic of conversation until the sun came out again today. And today we had other new pieces of equipment - a net bridge and bannister rails! It was great to be in the great outdoors again after a week watching the rain. We practiced balancing, co-ordination, spinning. It was great to tread carefully across the bridge - watching our step rather than the ground under the net. We have explored many ways of using the parallel bars and are increasing our upper body strength. We have to remember to concentrate when sliding down the bannister rails. Its great to be outdoors, moving out bodies, making our hearts beat faster and our muscles grown stronger.


Cindy said...

Hello Kindergarten Friends,
Thanks for thinking of me! I didn't realize you were back from your break already.
It looks like you're have a great time with your new equipment! You are building strong muscles for sure.
I have to ask this question about your weather; Beverly said you are having winter there. But you seemed to be dressed like we do here for spring. I am wondering just how cold does it get there for winter? What is the temperature on a day you consider a "cold" day? Here in Illinois our cold day temperatures in winter can get down to 3 to 10 degrees BELOW zero. Our other extreme is what we have right now, 90 degrees. It's hot right now and I LOVE it! ;-)
Thanks again for thinking of me,

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

You new bars look great, the girls and Sam are in bed at the moment but when thay get up i am sure they will be excited to see the photos of you playing on them. They miss you very much and i know would want to send there love to Milly and Freya.

Keep up the good work

Deb Carter

parua bay primary school said...

Hi Manaia Kindy,
Your new climbing equipment looks great! Glad to see you have shown Beverly how to use the parallel bars!!


Tracey said...

Your new bars are so amazing and I can't believe how quickly you are all mastering them and thinking of new ways to use them. Now all we need is some sunny weather to play outside!

Jennifer&Harold said...

Dear Madeline,
It looked like you had lots of fun climbing and sliding on the new bars.
Did you mummy and Ellinor enjoy their go?
Can you please send me a picture that you have done at kindy?

Lots of love


RGHS Childcare Trust said...

Hi Manaia Kindergarten
We have loved watching you all enjoy your new equipment. It looks like you are all having fun and learning to do new things in your outdoor playground. We can see some things we would like to buy for our centre now, thanks for sharing your movie with us.